Will Short Seek Re-Election In Middletown?

Will Democrat Patrick Short seek re-election this year to the Middletown Township Committee?That seems to be the question to over at MoreMonmouthMusings.
Evidently Art Gallagher ran into Mr. Short at last nights Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce’s Meet the Mayors event last night and asked him if he had intentions to seek re-election.
According to Art, Short left open the possibility of not running for re-election.
In his post, Art gave some very nice background to his readers about Short’s previous victory and some useful suggestions for Short to consider before seeking re-election, which was surprising considering how anti- Middletown Dems Art Gallagher is.    
If you ask me however, I think that Short was just messing a bit with Gallagher. Short knows Gallagher’s history  so why enlighten him on his intentions?
I have never heard Patrick Short directly say anywhere that he was not going to seek re-election. By keeping people guessing as to his intention, it has lead to wide scale speculations from his Middletown GOP adversaries.
I happen to think that Short will be running again.
With that in mind, like Art Gallagher, I am attaching a poll to my blog to see what others feel about whether or not Patrick Short will seek re-election.   

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