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Rep. Rush Holt (NJ-12) today announced that Monmouth County and the townships of Manalapan, Marlboro, and Middletown will receive energy grants through the economic recovery bill that Congress passed and President Obama signed last month. The funding comes from Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program, which supports efforts to reduce energy use and fossil fuel emissions and to improvement energy efficiency. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides governments throughout the state with $75.4 million for the program, including $14.4 million for the State of New Jersey.

Contingent on completing an application to the Department of Energy, Monmouth County will receive $4.2 million, Manalapan will receive $155,300, Marlboro will receive $162,300, and Middletown will receive $610,300.

“The recovery bill is designed not only to create jobs the short term, but also to support efforts to sustain economic growth into the future. Clearly, our economy benefits if we become more energy efficient,” Holt said. “I’m pleased this money is being made available to local communities so quickly.”

According to the Department of Energy, among the initiatives supported by grant funding are:
• Financial Incentive Programs and Mechanisms for energy efficiency improvements such as energy savings performance contracting, on-bill financing, and revolving loan funds.
• Grants to nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies for the purpose of performing Energy Efficiency Retrofits.
• Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programs for Buildings and Facilities.
• Development and Implementation of Transportation Programs to conserve energy.
• Energy Distribution Technologies that significantly increase energy efficiency, including distributed resources, combined heat and power, and district heating and cooling systems.
• Material Conservation Programs including source reduction, recycling, and recycled content procurement programs that lead to increases in energy efficiency.
• Energy efficient Traffic Signals and Street Lighting.
• Renewable Energy Technologies on Government Buildings.

In other economic recovery news, the Department of Health and Human Services announced today that the Monmouth Family Health Center in Long Branch will receive $100,000 to expand its services to the community.

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