Yet Another Example for Middletown to Follow In order to Reduce the Tax rate

Colts Neck has finialized it’s budget according to an article in the Asbury Park Press.

The budget, which will is to be adopted on April 29th calls for just a 1 cent increase to the municipal tax rate. 
Colts Neck Mayor Ben Forester blamed the increase on the decline in state aid :
“In general, the challenges faced by the Township Committee in preparing this year’s budget were much more on the revenue side, rather than appropriations,” Forester explained. “The continued erosion of state aid, less available surplus, lower interest rates and a slightly lower tax collection rate were mitigated by reductions in most budgets, less capital spending and the use of additional surplus to offset the tax increase.”
This just goes to show you that if you are willing to reduce spending  by looking for places in the budget that could be cut , as opposed to increasing or maintaining services such as Middletown, the need for huge tax increases to balance the budget would not be needed.
With a $7+million hole in this years budget, the Middletown GOP majority has to stop blaming others for the current mess the budget is in.  It’s time to cut  spending. if that means that residents may not be able to enjoy Park and Recreation events, or have to get to the tax office before well before closing, then so be it. If not, then residents will be looking at a double digit increase to the tax rate in Middletown.
Good job Colts Neck, now lets see if Middletown can follow your lead.


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2 responses to “Yet Another Example for Middletown to Follow In order to Reduce the Tax rate

  1. ambrosiajr

    They could have reduced it even more if they didn’t budger for a $20,000 Holiday Party at the Shadowbrook.( basically, a republican holiday party since they don’t invite any democrats that sit on the boards). Or they could have eliminated the position they MADE for former Mayor Thom Hennessy, to the tune of $62,000 per year in a job which he has absolutely NO experience for. I wouldn’t give them too many kudos Mike. We have private garbage pick-up, no municipal water or sewer, or any other type of municipal service that other towns enjoy, and our taxes go up every single year. They are out of control with spending, despite what you read in the papers.

  2. Middletown Mike

    Rick,Any town that has been control by one party rule for so long, in our cases it’s the Republicans, will have these types of issues.I wasn’t trying to give Colts Neck “Kudos” as much as I was trying to point out to Middletown that the gravy train needs to stop!Middletown is facing close to an $8 million dollar deficit that needs to be closed. Unless tough choices are made soon, there will be no way to balance the budget without a double digit tax increase.Thanks for your insight

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