Middletown’s Sean Byrnes to Seek Freeholder Position in Monmouth County

I have a stunning announcement to make, one quite frankly that has taken me by surprise but am very glad to hear.

Middletown Democratic Committeeman, Sean Byrnes, will be seeking the Democratic Party line to run for Monmouth County Freeholder at the party’s convention on Saturday.  
Sean Byrnes will be seeking to fill the seat left open by Freeholder Director Barbara McMorrow,when she announced that she would not be seeking re-election this year due to health concerns. 
From what I have been told, the other notable in the race is former 11th District Assembly
candidate Mike Beeson, Ocean Township.
Whomever wins the support of the Monmouth County Democrats on Saturday, wether it is Sean Byrnes, Mike Beeson or some other as yet unnamed person, they will be facing off against last years  Republican challanger John Curley, who lost narrowly to Freeholder Amy Mallet.

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