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Short To Seek Re-Election To Middletown Committee

While attending Monmouth County Democratic Mini-Convention earlier today, I had the opportunity to  ask Middletown  Committeeman Patrick Short, if he was indeed going seek re-election to the township committee.
Patrick Short look at me, with big ol’ smile on his face and said “was there any doubt?”
Well no Mr. Short, I never doubted you for a minute. I always knew that you were going run again. It’s been a lot of fun watching others ponder and speculate about your future.
Committeeman Short said that there should be a statement issued soon to confirm his intentions to seek another term on the townships governing body and that he looks forward to running against Republican Steve Massel in the fall.    

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President Obama’s Weekly Address: 4/4/09

The President discusses the breadth and depth of the global challenges we face, as well as our potential to address them through renewed international alliances. This week’s address was filmed aboard Air Force 1 amidst vital diplomatic stops at the G-20 Summit, a NATO summit, and bilateral meetings

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Byrnes Easliy defeats Beson, Will Run Against Curley For Monmouth County Freeholder

I just returned home from todays Monmouth County Democratic Party’s Mini-Convention that was held at  Red Bank’s Carpenter’s Hall, where the big news of the day happened.
By a tally of 147  to 41, Middletown Committeeman Sean Byrnes was chosen over former Neptune Mayor Mike Beson to be the Monmouth County Democrats candidate for Freeholder.
Sean Byrnes will be facing off against former Red Bank Councilman  and fellow Midddletown resident, Republican John Curly  to succeed Freeholder Director Barbara McMorrow, who announced last week that she would not seek re-election due to health reason.
(Caption-  Former Neptune Mayor Mike Beson and Middletown’s Sean Byrnes shortly after announcement of Byrnes’s nod to run for Freeholder) 

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