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Bo’s First Day

Here’s the video that everyone has been waiting for, Bo the Portuguese water dog’s first day at the White House as the offical 1st pooch! 

The First Family takes Bo on stroll around the White House grounds. It’s very heart warming piece of footage.

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Secretary Clinton To Conduct Digital Town Hall of the Americas

According to the official U.S Department of State’s blog, DIPNote, Secretary of  State Hillary Clinton will be  conducting a digital town hall meeting in anticipation of the Fifth Summit of the Americas, a regional meeting of all 34 democratically elected leaders of the nations of the Western Hemisphere.  People are encouraged to participate in the discussion about issues that impact the entire hemisphere.

Secretary Clinton’s Digital Town Hall of the Americas, will be a live web-based discussion, from the Dominican Republic on Friday, April 17, 2009, in anticipation of the Fifth Summit of the Americas to be held April 17-19 in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. The event will provide an opportunity for Secretary Clinton to launch a conversation with citizens from across the Western Hemisphere to discuss the Summit’s themes of securing our citizens’ future by promoting human prosperity, energy security and environmental sustainability, as well as the situation in Haiti, where she will visit and attend meetings on Thursday, April 16. 

For more info click >>> Here

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Before Biden, Uncle Walt said "It’s Your Patriotic Duty To Pay Your Taxes"

Tomorrow is April 15th, the day in which our income taxes need to be filed, unless of course, you are filing an extension.

Tomorrow is also the day that anti-tax protesting, teabaggers, who are really nothing more than Republicans without ideas, will hold rallies all across the country to protest the economic policies of Obama Administration and that of many state and local governments.
Many, if not all of these teabaggers recall with mocking sarcasm, during last years presidential campaign how then Vice-Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, said that it was our patriotic duty as Americans to pay our taxes. The teabaggers point to this, as well as other Obama policy decisions as evidence of Obama’s eagerness to embrace socialism and call him either a socialist, fascist, communist or any combination there of.   
With that in mind, I would like to point out to all of teabaggers who will be enjoying their tea parties tomorrow that before Joe Biden said it was our duty to pay taxes, uncle Walt Disney, at the request of the U.S Treasury in 1943, said it first in the following World War II propaganda film, starring none other than Donald Duck.
The short is actually very interesting because you can draw parallels between today’s United States, fighting a two front war against terrorism in Iraq and Afganistan and that of a World War II  United States, fighting a two front war in Europe and the South Pacific.    
So do your patriotic duty and pay your taxes tomorrow, like good americans should.  

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