Middletown GOP Push 9.2% Tax Increase Onto Residents

Can you believe it Middletown? The Republican controlled township committee will be pushing through a 9.2 % property tax increase to balance township finances. It will be one of the largest tax increases in township history.
When you add on top of last years tax increase of 7.3 % and the 8.7 % increase over the prior two years, the Middletown GOP has been responsible for local property tax increases of 25% in the past 4 years! 
What have we gotten for all of this? 
We have a beautiful Arts Center that was built on contaminated soil that cost over $8 million  to bulid and costs the tax payers over $240,000 a year just in utility costs. We have 2 Township Attorneys that can bill the township for over $600,000 a year combined and local GOP fiathful that sit on the Sewage Authority that just gave themselves a raise for 12 hours of work a year.
It’s time for people to wake up and see what is going on here. It is time to stop blaming Trenton for what happens here in Middletown like Pam Brightbill, Gerry Scharfenberger and now Tony Fiore have been doing for the past few years! 
Our local GOP are fat bastards that need to go on a diet.
You can’t blame this one on the Democrats, Patrick Short and Sean Byrnes have been warning residents about this for 3 years now! Why do you think Short has been ridiculed for the past 3 years for reading the bill list each month and pointing out wasteful spending? It’s because the Republican majority that runs Middletown is hungry for our tax dollars, to many of them rely on the township for their livelihood. If they cut spending they will go hungry it is as simple as that!
I’d like to hear where this years Middletown GOP golden boy Steve Massell stands on this tax increase?
 I wonder if he was let in on this dirty little secret before Monday’s township committee meeting, because like much of what the GOP majority does, it kept Short and Byrnes and the public in the dark about the 9.2% increase until the night of the meeting so that they could not properly respond and ask questions

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