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Thanks to GOP, Middletown Has Become Unaffordable

Check out Pat Walsh’s post “Thank you Middletown GOP for making it completely unaffordable to live in Middletown!” over at her blog, Middletown Musings, she has some very good (and I don’t mean in a nice way) things to say about the 9.2% budget increase that Pam, Gerry and Tony are pushing on to the residents of Middletown.

Democrats have been warning Middletown for years now about the reckless spending habits of the Middletown GOP.  
We’re all having a rough time balancing our own checkbooks and have had to cut expenses in this current economic enviroment the country is in, unfortunately the Republicans in town fell otherwise and refuse to cut spending and are increasing the size the  local government by going on a hiring binge again, word has it that the township is looking to fill several positions within Parks & Rec. and Public Works. 
If you are looking for a nice cushy job send your resumes now! 

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