The Republican Political Hacks Of Middletown

Barabara Thorpe

This longtime resident of Middletown reads with interest the ranting,preposterous dribble from the republican political hacks of Middletown. This includes the current republican committee persons and all those among the ranks of the political patronage persons dependent on these so called representatives of the people.

History indicates a Republican administration. during Christie Whitman’s years in office,is responsible for fiscal irresponsibility in N.J. leading to much of our current problems. The last eight years of George W. Bush’s administration is responsible for fiscal irresponsibility in Washington,D.C. and the transgressions of 28 years of republican control in Middletown is responsible for fiscal irresponsibility in this township.

Expenditures for defending a committeeman from charges of misconduct (amount never disclosed as to the cost to the taxpayers),a convicted committeeman and former mayor,now serving a prison term for violating the public trust, are among the points that immediately come to the mind of this taxpayer and also the handling of the County ordered revaluation. Who knows what lurks in this township if a forensic audit were to be done by authorities able to supercede the efforts of the republicans to hide the facts from it’s residents.

We need only to look at the last political campaign in this township to see just how low the republicans were willing to stoop to retain control of the township committee. Ask yourself WHY??? It’s all about money,ladies and gentlemen…..and you pay the bills while patronage is alive and well in Middletown.

These politicians have no regard for the rule of law….all they care about is the rule of the republican party in this town. just scrutinize the appointments in this township and the township sewage authority. Take off your blinders,fellow citizens, and start really evaluating the facts of life in this township…..until you do,each and every taxpayer in this township subsidizes this madness !!!

Hypocrisy Is the name of the blame game played by the current majority.Everything wrong is someone else’s fault. Try cleaning up your own act before pointing fingers at ANYONE ELSE

All intelligent people know that there are morally and integrity challenged politicians in BOTH parties. No,they are not ALL or ONLY democrats. Many are republicans…and some of them dot the landscape here in Middletown,serving only their own agenda and not the people they were entrusted to represent or serve.

Barbara R.Thorpe (unaffiliated voter)

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