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Let officials know it’s time to cut fluff in Middletown

While thumbing through the Asbury Park Press yesterday I can across a letter in the Opinion section of the paper written by Wall residents Rick and Sandy Hankins.
If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that they were expressing concerns about Middletown. Like Middletown, it seems as though the Wall Township Committee has a problem with living within its means and the Hankins are saying enough is enough already. 
After years of property tax increases they are imploring residents to go to the township commitee meetings and voice their concerns and tell their elected officials ” it’s time to cut the fluff”. I happen to agree with them.
On Wednesday May 20th, there will be a special Middletown Township committee meeting to discuss the (5 1/2 month late) proposed township budget. This proposed budget is expected to call for a 9.2% tax increase that will close a $2.4 million shortfall.
Middletown residents need to attend this meeting and make themselves heard loud and clear by telling the committee majority that enough is enough and it is time to cut the fluff.  We can’t afford to pay for their reckless spending anymore.  
Below is an excerpt from the Hankins letter that appear in the APP:
…I have heard that some members of the committee do not believe taxpayers seriously want tax relief. A wise man once said, “the game is won by those who show up.” If taxpayers want our elected officials to heed their voices and are serious about seeing better cost management and local tax relief, now is the time to make your voices heard. Residents should write or e-mail the committee…. 

We can have tax relief if we convince our elected officials we seriously want it. There has been enough fluff included in the budgets over the years that we really could see lower budgets and reduced taxes for several years without much work or any significant loss of services.

Rick and Sandi Hankins


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