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Middletown Board of Education Announces Possible Plan To Install Artifical Turff Fields At Middle Schools

My son came home from school last week and asked me if I had heard anything about an artificial turf field being planned for installation in the field that is part of Thorne Middle school’s campus? I told him that I had not, but that I had heard that new fields were going to be install at the Croydon Hall complex and over at River Plaza. When I asked him why he had asked, he mentioned that all of the kids had been talking about it during the day. 
I didn’t think much of at the time because when you deal with teenage middle schoolers anything can come out of them at any moment.

Today however I find out from the Asbury Park Press, that the Board of Education announced last night that a presentation will be made by the Township at the regular board meeting on Wednesday, May 27th, on a plan to install artificial turf fields at Thompson and Thorne Middle Schools and that Board President Laura Agin, has invited the entire Township Committee to be present at the presentation of this proposal.

Is this really a good idea at this time and are these fields going to be at the expense of the township? There are so many unanswered questions to this proposal.

I am not opposed to these fields, but  I do question if we have the funds to be spending millions of dollars on fields when there are infrastructure problems that are of higher priority? The town is experiencing a $2.4 million budget shortfall which equates to over a 9% tax increase in order to balance the budget.

If these fields are to be built all questions need to be answered. The BOE will not decide this right away, they need to hear all of the concerns, discuss all of the details and then make a decision.

As we all know, they are very familiar with turf field installation due to past experiences. The BOE needs to hear from everyone so that they understand there are more than Pop Warner and soccer parents that have concerns and since this proposal involves township residents, ALL discussions must be held in public.

That is why it is imperative for all concerned residents to attend and voice their opinion at the next Board of Education meeting on May 27th. 

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