The Jesse Ventura Tour: If You Missed Any Of It, You Missed A Lot

This past week former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura made the talk show rounds to promote his book “Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me” that was released in paperback this weeks. He spent the week appearing on shows like Hannity, The View, Fox and Friends and Larry King, he also made an appearrence on the Howard Stern Radio Show . If you missed any of the interviews this week you missed a lot, it was all very entertaining. 

Jesse is a very out spoken critic of the Bush Administration’s use of torture techniques like “water boarding” and believes that any type of torture is wrong. He feels America is better than that and doesn’t need to stoop the level of the terrorist.

Being I already posted earlier this week Jesse’s appearence on the Sean Hannity, I had to follow it up with these two:

Ventura on The View

Ventura on Fox and Friends

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