Twittering Pallone Takes Shot At Christie

Congressman Frank Pallone, who has been extremely critical of Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie in the past, has fired what may be the first shot at Chris Christie by a Democratic official, since being the official Republican candidate for Govenor. 
Pallone left the following message on his Twitter page a short time ago. 

“GOP primary revealed Chris Christie’s true right-wing colors. Anti-choice, tax breaks for the super-wealthy & opposes new gun safety laws.”

about 2 hours ago from web

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One response to “Twittering Pallone Takes Shot At Christie

  1. Anonymous

    Guess we all know now what this candidate was doing in Middletown last January at re-org time…kissing the butts of the elitist republicans in this burg…..wonder how much good it will do him ??????

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