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Video: Jon Corzine Campaign Kickoff Rally

If you didn’t attend the Jon Corzine campaign kickoff rally in West Orange Tuesday night, you missed the Governor addressing the crowd as he gave his acceptance speech.

I think that he hit a homerun with this speech. It is the best that I have heard him speak in a long time, strong, forceful and confident he hit all the marks with the proper emphasis.

Watch and listen, I think that you will be impressed

part 1

part 2

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Political Wisdom: Republicans’ Budget Numbers Are ‘Ridiculous’

WSJ Washington Wire –  Sara Murray and Gerald F. Seib offer a roundup of today’s political analysis from the Web.

House Republicans released an alternative budget plan and The New Republic’s Noam Scheiber evaluates it in his ever-so-delicate way, saying, “When we last left Boehner et al, they were unveiling an alternative to Obama’s budget without any, you know, numbers. Now they’re finally releasing their deficit-reduction plans, and the good news is that there are some actual numbers involved. (Sorta.) The bad news (or the additional good news if you’re a Democratic operative) is that the numbers are ridiculous. According to the press release on the GOP.gov site, Republicans are proposing ‘in excess of’ $375 billion in cuts over five years. But the bulk of the savings–about $317 billion–comes from vague ‘discretionary spending limits,’ which amounts to saying you promise to cut spending by … promising to cut spending. There isn’t a single detail about what programs would be cut to get to that $317 billion figure–in fact, even though this item accounts for the vast majority of money saved, it takes up exactly two paragraphs in the 20-page document outlining the GOP’s plan.”

This sounds like the sort of games the Middletown GOP play when they try and craft a budget that will include a 9.2% (or Higher) tax increase.

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Happy Anniversary….To Me

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the MiddleownMike Blog.

This little self-indulgent post marks my 962 blog entry, so I would like to thank all of thoughs who have been loyal readers and contibutors for their support because with them I would have stopped blogging a long while ago.

It has been a long and strange trip indeed, one that I have enjoyed taking and one that others thought would be short and wouldn’t last.

So far I have proven the naysayers wrong and I hope to continue to prove them wrong because I know that I have made a difference, not only in Middletown, but throughout Monmouth County and the great State of New Jersey.

In this past year I have had close to 33,000 page views and 19,000 unique visitors, some blogs may boast about having more readers or more influence than this one, which is fine with me, I haven’t taken the easy or low road as others have done to make their mark. I have always tried to take the high road and present facts as opposed to presenting fiction and passing it off as insider knowledge.  

So, thanks again for your support and continued readership, I am sure that the next 12 months will be just as interesting and fun filled as the last. 

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