Green Team – Finance Team, Can Someone Explain the Difference?

I received my copy of the Independent yesterday and while thumbing through it, I noticed an article buried deep within on page 16 titled “Mid’town looks at energy efficiency programs” with a subtitle of “Twp. To form ‘Green Team’”.

It peaked my interest so I gave it the once over.

What I read was very interesting and seems on the surface a very good idea, I am not going to go in-depth and analyze the article for you, you can read it for yourself HERE.

What struck me however was that the Township Committee can form an advisory board, a so called “Green Team”, which would be “comprised of staff members in the township as well as community volunteers who are already involved in various environmental initiatives in town including Community Affairs and the Environmental Commission.” with a goal towards controlling costs and saving money by taking steps to sustain the quality of life in town for the long term.

Now that sounds an awful lot like another advisory board that has been proposed by Democratic Committeeman Sean Brynes and backed by fellow Democrat Patrick Short, It sounds exactly like what a Finance “Team” (Committee) would be.

But, according to Township Attorney #2, Brian Nelson, who has done some extensive research into the subject, says it would be against the Township charter to form such an advisory board.

Can some one please explain to me how a “Green Team” advisory board can be formed by the Township Committee to identify and recommend potential energy saving projects but a “Finance Team” advisory board, put together to identify wasteful Township spending and potential cost savings is against the Township charter?

If you ask me, something is rotten in Middletown and the stench can be smelled throughout the townships 46 square miles. What does the GOP majority have to hide?

Below you can hear the audio from the June 1st, Township Workshop meeting where Committeeman Brynes, once again gives his reasoning behind forming a “Finance Committee” and the oppositions continued arguments against it.


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2 responses to “Green Team – Finance Team, Can Someone Explain the Difference?

  1. Anonymous

    This township desperately needs not only a Finance Committee but also a forensic audit done by an accredited firm with no affiliation with the politicians in this township.

    It is clearly evident the republican majority in Middletown is trying to hide a great deal from it's citizens. This new attorney seems to be complicit in this endeavor.

    It's the residents and their taxes that pay the bills.They are entitled to an honest,clear picture of finances in Middletown.The Republican majority clearly stonewalls any attempt at full disclosure!

    Fiscal irresponsibility is the mantra of this bunch of ethically challanged individuals. WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO HIDE. The stench now reaks throughout the township……

  2. Middletown Mike


    Someone who gets it!

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