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Middletown GOP: What Do They Have To Hide?

An anonymous poster left the following comment to Friday’s post Green Team – Finance Team, Can Someone Explain the Difference? I find it interesting that others are now starting to understand that business as usual can not continue in Middletown as it has for the past 20 years:

“This township desperately needs not only a Finance Committee but also a forensic audit done by an accredited firm with no affiliation with the politicians in this township.

It is clearly evident the republican majority in Middletown is trying to hide a great deal from it’s citizens. This new attorney seems to be complicit in this endeavor.

It’s the residents and their taxes that pay the bills.They are entitled to an honest,clear picture of finances in Middletown.The Republican majority clearly stonewalls any attempt at full disclosure!

Fiscal irresponsibility is the mantra of this bunch of ethically challanged individuals. WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO HIDE. The stench now reaks throughout the township…… “

The entrenchment of the Middletown Republicans has gone on long enough, nepotism and cronyism has lead to the current financial mess the township finds itself in, more so than any unfunded mandates that they like to blame on Trenton.
Because of their continued stonewalling of financial matters, the ’09 budget is short on revenues by $2.5 million, will contain a 9.2% (or higher) tax increase and will be 7 months late.
All of this will force the township to send out estimated tax bills to Middletown residents which will lead to utter confusion, long lines and needless anger at the tax offices.
There are curently 19 advisory boards and commissions recognized by the township governing body, all with various volunteers and elected officials as members. Why a Finance Committee would be any different from any one of the other boards or commissions is beyond me.
Unless of course the Middletown GOP HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE !


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