With 19 Other Committees and Advisory Boards in Middletown, Nelson says "NO" To The Establishment of Finance Committee

If Middletown’s form of government was intended to get away from committees and advisory boards, as Township Attorney #2 Brian Nelson suggests in the audio clip from the June 1st Township Workshop meeting, then why do we currently have 19 committees and advisory boards sanctioned by township?

Why is it inadvisable to form a Finance Committee to suggest budget savings to the members of the governing committee, but totally fine to have advisory boards look over and make suggestions to the committee about such things as community affairs, strategic planning or parks and recreation? Shouldn’t the Township Committee members be just as involved and hands on in these areas as they want everyone to believe they are with the township’s finances?


Again, the need for a Finance committee is evident in light of this years budget fiasco, a budget that has a shortfall of $2.5 million and a proposed tax increase of 9.2% (could be as high as 10%), which would be the highest in the State.

Middletown has had to ask the State for assistance by requesting permission to wave the 4% cap on budgets, which is very unlikely to happen given that Atlantic Highlands and others requester have been turned down.

Below are 19 Commissions and Advisory Boards that are currently recognized by the Middletown Township Committee:

Clean Communities Advisory Committee
Community Affairs Council
Environmental Commission
Municipal Alliance for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
Human Rights Commission
Landmarks Commission
Local Assistance Board
Lincroft Senior Citizen Housing Corporation
Open Space Preservation Committee
Parks and Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee
Planning Board
Recreation Advisory Board
Safety Council
Sewerage Authority
Strategic Planning Committee
Zoning Board of Adjustment


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3 responses to “With 19 Other Committees and Advisory Boards in Middletown, Nelson says "NO" To The Establishment of Finance Committee

  1. Anonymous

    The Finance Committee should be one of the most important boards. This Township Committee seems to be totally inept in more recent years.
    The need for such a committee is clearly evident….loud and clear.

    They have more hangeroners then they can keep track of and support. This new lawyer is just another one of them.The residents of Middletown can no longer afford this excuse for government imposed on this community by the republican majority in this township.

    It might be noted this country is in the throes of the worst economic crisis since the depression.Many people here are trying to save their homes and jobs.The republicans here want to buy turf fields on middle school properties and another park ( Middletown has more parks than Monmouth County). What planet do these committee people inhabit?? Problems are not solved by ignorance or greed.

    There's no rationale for some of this except politics,patronage and politicians who seem totally inept.


  2. Chris

    Mike, you're the very first Democrat that I hear complaining about raising taxes. Can we relocate you to Trenton and rename you Trenton Mike?

  3. Middletown Mike


    I consider myself to be a "BLUE DOG" lite.

    Taxes serve a purpose that should be used for the general good of the citizens.

    I believe in PAYGO, but i also believe that there are times when it is necessary to raise taxes when there is no real alternatives.

    In Middletown, the republican majority has been in control for over 20 years, they are fat and complacent,
    many of them are milking the township for benefits and other perks.

    Gerry, Pam and Tony have not done enough to reign in spending to balance the township budget. They are more worried about maintaining control then doing what's right by cutting services and people. So they don't care that the budget is $2.5 million short and the tax rate needs to be increased by 9.2% to balance it because they are not running for re-election this year. They have stacked the deck against Patrick Short, who I believe will vote against the budget.

    If I were to go to Trenton, I would hold the same values, look to cut spending first before relaying on tax increases.

    It's not easy and until the Republicants in Trenton present a legitimate alternative budget of their own, instead of grandstanding during an election year, I can not take any of them serious.

    We can all bitch and complain about Corzine all we want but the bottom line is the man has been doing something not just standing around waiting for things to change for the better.

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