What If Frank Pallone Had A Fundraiser And No One Showed Up?

That’s not exactly what happened but it seems that sometime last week, Congressman Frank Pallone had a fundraiser out on Sandy Hook. From what I was told it was a very nice little get together at the Crow’s Nest.
I wouldn’t know because no one from Middletown was asked to attend. I only found out about it because friends from Hazlet and Wall mentioned it to me.
Not only did he NOT invite anyone from Middeltown, he froze out Monmouth County Chairman Victor Scudiery who also knew nothing about the function.
Congressman Pallone, how can you have a political fundraiser in Middletown (yes, Sandy Hook is part of Middletown) and not inform the Municipal Chairman or the County Chairman that you are throwing such a shindig in their own backyard?
Irregardless of your personal feeling towards the two Chairmen, you still should have mentioned it to them, it wasn’t very classy Frank.

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