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Obama Yuks It Up

Last night President Barack Obama got a chance to poke fun at a few targets _ including himself. It happened during Friday night’s Radio and Television Correspondents’ dinner. – AP

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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Beany and Cecil

Well, it’s Saturday morning once again and it is time to sit down with your bowl of Frosted Flakes and put on your Beany Cap’s boys and girls because Beany and Cecil is about to being.

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President Obama’s Weekly Address: 6/20/09

The President explains his plan to address one of the major causes of the current economic crisis — the breakdown of oversight leading to widespread abuses in the financial world. The new Consumer Financial Protection Agency will have the sole job of looking out for the financial interests of ordinary Americans by banning unfair practices and enforcing the rules. This is a cornerstone in Americas new economic foundation.

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