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Obama To Make Corzine Campaign Appearence

President Obama will be coming to New Jersey on July 16th to give the Corzine campaign a lift.

The President will join the Governor and other dignitaries in New Brunswick, at Voorhees Mall on the campus of Rutgers University.

In the email that announced the President’s visit Governor Corzine states:

” I’ve written to you before about the importance of keeping our hard-won progressive victories from November going and about moving New Jersey forward in-step with the Obama Administration.

Now, I want you to hear it directly from the President himself.

Vice President Biden was already here and got our campaign started with a bang. On July 16th, President Barack Obama will join me at Rutgers University in New Brunswick to help to kick our campaign into a whole new gear.

President Obama isn’t just a close friend of mine; he’s a great friend to our state. After eight long years, we finally have a partner in Washington who shares our values and vision for a more progressive New Jersey.

Together, we are creating green jobs, providing universal access to healthcare for kids, protecting the most vulnerable among us, and ensuring all our children have access to a quality education — regardless of where they live.

We are doing all of this despite a challenging worldwide economic crisis, and I’m proud of the great progress that Barack Obama and I have already have made.

But we still have more to do, and with a partner in Washington who shares our values and priorities, I’m confident in what we can accomplish in the next four years.

I’m honored that President Obama will be on hand in New Jersey to recognize the important work we’re doing, and I hope you will join us.”

If you would like to join President Obama in his support of the Governor’s re-election you can RSVP >>> Here to reserve free tickets for the event

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Middletown: Day 182 Without A Budget

Today July 1, 2009 marks the 182 day of the year. It also happens to be the 182 day of the year that Middletown has operated without a budget.

When will Middletown adopt its budget? Rumor has it that later this month the Township Committee will be rescheduling the May 20th budget hearing that was cancelled due to the sudden illness (termination) of Township CFO Richard Wright.

After months of telling the Township Committee that the budget was on target, Wright informed the committee just before the May 20th meeting that he had miss-calculated and that he was missing $2 million dollars. It was then announced that Wright was taking a leave of absence due to health reasons.
Former Township CFO Bob Roth was brought in to fix the mess that Wright had made and because of this the public budget hearing had been postponed indefinitely.
From what I have heard, the budget hearing will be scheduled sometime before the regularly schedule Township Committee meeting on July 20th.
This year’s proposed budget includes a 9.2% tax increase to cover a budget shortfall of over $2.4 million.
I have also been informed that because of the lateness of this year’s budget, estimated tax bills are now in the mail and should start showing up in resident’s mailboxes later this week or early next week.
Believe me; if this budget is not adopted soon utter chaos will break loose when it does.
First of all, it is unlikely that Middletown will get a waiver from the State in order to exceed the state budget cap increase of 4%.
That means in order to balance the budget nearly $3 million or more would need to be cut from the budget during the last 5 months of the year.
Layoffs and service cuts are looming large over the horizon, if people complained loudly about last year’s leaf pick-up they haven’t seen anything yet! Wait until they can’t pay their taxes on time or get needed permits for home improvements.
The Republican majority really screwed up the budget this year. If only they would have listened to Committeeman Sean Byrnes and formed a budget committee, they would have seen and anticipated this problem long ago before this situation got out of hand.

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