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Grassley’s Health Plan: Go Work For The Federal Government

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Christie Logic on Energy: Support Obama, Blast Corzine

Yesterday, Chris Christie released his energy plan in which he praised the efforts of President Obama and the federal government but blasted Jon Corzine for not doing enough to lead and develop alternative energy solutions like wind and solar power.

The irony here is that much of the Obama administration’s plans for renewable energy and job creation has come from the ideas of Jon Corzine and what he is doing in New Jersey.

Blue Jersey’s Jason Springer even points out that two of Christie’s campaign co- chairs, Leonard Lance and Frank LoBiondo, disagree with Christie’s assessment of Corzine’s energy efforts:

Leonard Lance

“The fact of the matter is New Jersey and the Northeast are well ahead of the curve on many of the key elements of the legislation before the House.
“Here at home, the state of New Jersey is already subject to limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants under the ten-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. And our state renewable portfolio standard is more aggressive than the federal program contained in the bill.

“New Jersey serves as a national model for its investments in new, clean energy technologies that have reduced greenhouse gas emissions and created thousands of jobs. I heard from a number of New Jersey’s leading businesses that firmly believe today’s legislation would strengthen our state economy through innovative and sustainable job creation. It is time for other states to follow New Jersey’s leadership and do their share to set limits on greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate development of low-carbon energy sources and green jobs.”

Congressman Frank LoBiondo, who also recognizes New Jersey’s role, under the leadership of Governor Corzine in leading the way:

“This is by no means a perfect bill but, for New Jersey businesses and families, many of the federal standards that will be created are mirroring state standards long on the books. For the past decade, New Jersey has been forward-looking in its energy policy and sought to establish diverse, renewable alternative sources of energy to meet the state’s needs. From the development of biofuels based on crop waste and planning for additional nuclear reactors, to building small and large-scale wind farms and countless solar panel projects, individuals and municipalities recognized opportunities and took action.

“In the process, new local businesses were founded and jobs were created in the emerging ‘green industry’ here in New Jersey. What must happen next is the growth of domestic manufacturing of the materials needed for alternative energy production, such as solar cells, wind turbines and environmentally-friendly buildings. This legislation rightly focuses on growing that manufacturing base, creating green jobs and finally establishing our energy Independence. The positive effects will be felt nationally and here in South Jersey. These are objectives I have long believed and advocated for as part of a national energy policy.”

So Mr. Christie, you can’t play it from both ends. If you support the President’s “American Clean Energy and Security Act” which calls for creating hundreds of thousands of new, high paying jobs through clean and renewable technologies, then how can you blast Governor Corzine for the exact same stance? Especially since Jon Corzine has been a leader on energy since taking office 3 years ago and the Obama plan is modeled on what New Jersey and Governor Corzine has been doing.

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Christie Will Say Anything

Chris Christie will say anything to get elected and you can’t believe any of it.

In the latest Corzine campaign ad, Corzine’s Republican challanger Chris Christie, states that he is behind President Obama’s efferts on energy and the enviroment, only to later stated at a press conference that he expects as Governor to have clashes over these very same policies between a “Christie administration DEP and an Obama administration EAP”.

What gives here Mr. Christie? Either you stand behind the President and his policies of green jobs, and green energy alternatives such as solar and wind or you don’t. You can’t speak out of both sides of the mouth.

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