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Unfair to Corzine, Blind-Eye to Christie

The following letter appeared in the Asbury Park Press yesterday. Written in support of Governr Jon Corzine, the letter points out the paper’s apparent bias against Democrats and support for Republicans.
Sanford L. Cook from Ocean, points out in his letter how the Asbury Park Press asks readers to keep a watchful eye and to keep score on Corzine’s activities but yet turns a blind-eye to the words and dealings of Chris Christie, the Governor’s opponent in November’s election.
What really struck me about this letter is the fact that the Asbury Park Press printed it but left it off of the newspapers online version where people could comment on it, all of yesterday’s letters are online other than Mr. Cook’s.
Maybe Mr. Cook of Ocean Township has a point!

As the Asbury Park Press builds its crescendo “reporting” on Democratic spending in New Jersey, the reader should keep a watchful eye on the so-called objective staff reports and editorials that vilify Democrats and glorify Republicans.

How many dollars is the reporting and editorializing of the Press worth to the Republicans’ campaigns?

The Press has asked readers to, keep score on Gov. Jon Corzine’s activities with added – usually – negative – language and Republican-politicized remarks to any events that report Corzine’s successes. This governor is repeatedly lauded by the national press as a leader, guiding New’ Jersey through a global recession, particularly with the restraints and taxing issues he inherited from past administrations.

Republicans conveniently remind us of Corzine’s first-term campaign statements during a prosperous economy compared to the current economic environment. It wouldn’t be surprising for Corzine to be blamed for the wet spring and swine flu.

Yet GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie asks that “we watch Corzine’s actions and not his words.”

So far Corzine’s actions look pretty good to all except the Press, the Republicans and those who still cling to the “throw-the-bum-out” clichés of the past. On the other hand, Christie – who tells us not to listen to his opponent regarding selective parts of Christie’s past – is without a program of his own beyond simplistic, populist slogans reminiscent of Karl Rove and George Bush tactics .

To paraphrase Christie’s own war cry: “Look at Christie’s actions and not what he says.” Is anybody in great suspense as to whom the Press will endorse for governor and county offices?

Sanford L. Cook
Ocean Township

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