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Sean F. Byrnes Campaign For Freeholder Website Up And Running

Monmouth County Democratic Freeholder Candidate, Middletown’s Sean F. Byrnes has his campaign website up and running, it’s very neat, stylish and user friendly. Check it out @ Byrnesforfreeholder.com

The Byrnes for Freeholder website is one of the nicest campaign websites I have seen in a long time, really first rate. If it is any indication on how the campaign will be run,
I’m sure that Sean Byrnes will be successful in November. It is well thought out and very informative about Sean and the issues that effect Monmouth County.

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Saturday Morning Cartoons:Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse

It’s Saturday morning once again, it’s time to jump into the “Catmoblie” and get back to the “Cat Cave” for my Wheaties with Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse.

Case Of The Cat Gun Caper

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President Obama’s Weekly Address: 7/18/09

The President calls on Congress to seize this opportunity one that may not come again for decades and finally pass health care reform: Its about every family unable to keep up with soaring out of pocket costs and premiums rising three times faster than wages. Every worker afraid of losing health insurance if they lose their job, or change jobs. Everyone whos worried that they may not be able to get insurance or change insurance if someone in their family has a pre-existing condition July 18, 2009.

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