Orszag Sets The Record Straight "No Rationing Of Health Care"

Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked OMB Director Peter Orszag this morning if the administration will be “rationing” health care by establishing a commission of doctors and medical experts to oversee medical practices. Orszag, thankfully, called this a “canard” and pointed to the status quo.

“The fact of the matter is, right now, politicians and insurance companies are making decisions,” Orszag explained. “We’re saying, we want doctors to be making decisions.”

Wallace said once these physicians start “making decisions,” they’ll be in the business of telling consumers which medical treatments they can and cannot have. So, Orszag turned the question around: “Do you think that politicians are currently rationing care? Or insurance companies are currently rationing care? There are no set of decisions that this commission would have that is not currently resting with either members of Congress or insurance companies.”
The Washington Monthly, Steve Benen

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