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What Does Corzine Need to Do?

With the most recent Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey Poll finding that Governor Corzine has 51% disapproval rating amonst registered voters I ask the question, What does Governor Corzine need to do change peoples opinion of the job he is doing?

It is becoming evident that the many accomplishments of the Corzine administration are being lost within all of the bad news about the economy and he is not getting a fair shake for those accomplishments by voters. According to the Monmouth poll voters give governor Corzine an overall approval grade of “C-“

According to Tom Hester, who writes for NewJerseyNewsRoom.com

“Corzine may not be getting the message of what he and his administration feel are his accomplishments as governor, but his campaign aides maintain the accomplishments can be found.

“Governor Corzine has been making the tough choices to reshape and resize state government,” said Elisabeth Smith, a campaign spokeswoman. “He eliminated and consolidated departments, reduced the state workforce by 7,000 employees and increased the retirement age from 55 to 62. While prioritizing education and health care, this year’s budget is $1.8 billion less than the first budget he introduced. In fact, because the Governor made the right choices, he is the only New Jersey governor in 60 years to reduce the size of state government.”

Smith said governor Corzine made government leaner and more efficient, he launched a first-in-the-nation economic recovery program, instituted a new school funding formula and expedited billions of dollars in new school construction. She said Corzine made meaningful reforms to ease the state’s property tax burden, and this year, property taxes rose by the smallest amount in a decade. On Corzine’s watch, Smith said, 80,000 more children have been enrolled in the state’s health insurance program and the governor took a child welfare system that was once rated among the worst in the country, and made it one of the best.

“Protecting New Jersey’s environment has always been – and continues to be – a top priority for Governor Corzine,” Smith said. “With one of the strongest solar programs in the nation and potentially the country’s first offshore wind project in development, New Jersey is a national leader. By embracing new approaches to energy, New Jersey is providing the pathway to both economic prosperity and environmental protection.”

So I ask you, what is the one message or concern that you have for the Governor? What do you think he needs to hear and what would you like him to do?

I plan on sitting down with him briefly one day during the 1st week of August, I will present your ideas to him and ask him to adress as many of them as possible and I will let you know what he had to say.

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Chuck Todd: Media Has "Created This Drama That [Obama’s] Struggling To Get [Health Reform] Done"

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Despite clear progress, media declare health care reform nearing "life support"

Media Matters

Despite passage of health care reform bills in House and Senate committees and the endorsement by major medical organizations of congressional Democrats’ reform efforts, numerous television pundits have suggested that President Obama’s health care plan is in serious jeopardy.

As The Washington Post observed in a July 20 article: “Cable news programs repeatedly declare the president’s health care program is teetering or embattled despite a week in which [President] Obama’s proposals were endorsed by the doctor and nurses associations and committees in both legislative chambers passed major bills.” Indeed, despite passage of health care reform bills by the House Ways and Means Committee, House Education and Labor Committee, and Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, and endorsements of congressional Democrats’ reform efforts by the American Medical Association and American Nurses Association, numerous television pundits have suggested in recent days that Obama’s health care plan is in serious jeopardy.

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