Best Quote of the Day, From Yesterday

“The facts surrounding the freeze versus layoff issue belie Sheriff Guadagno’s claim that she is the rare elected official who hasn’t backed down from the public-employee unions,”… Guadagno “essentially sabotaged the county’s plan as it related to the unions within the Sheriff’s Office,”.

Monmouth County Freeholder Jonh D’Amico quoted in the Asbury Park Press about Monmouth County Sheriff / Republican Lt. Governor candidate, Kim Guadagno and her efforts to undermine negotiations with county union members.

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One response to “Best Quote of the Day, From Yesterday

  1. Anonymous

    This Monmouth County resident was present at one of the Freeholder meetings where the sheriff actually turned to the crowded court room to rally her unionized workers against the Freeholders.Who pays her salary and where does her loyalty lie ?? She owes allegiance to the people of this county who employ them ALL.

    Seeing is believing and John D'Amico is correct and this resident does not always agree with him. This time he absolutely right !!!

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