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New Corzine Video: The Enemy of the Economic Downturn

The Corzine campaign released a new video this morning featuring leaders from across New Jersey like Cory Booker,Rush Holt,Ray Lesniak, Teresa Ruiz and Dick Codey among others, that highlight Governor Jon Corzine’s leadership on the economy and job creation.

This video marks the begining of a new focus for the campaign, highlighting the positives achievements of Jon Corzine and the direction in which he is steering the State, as opposed to some of the negative attacks, that have been working but which have been taking away from the positve image and light that Jon Corzine wants to project for himself.

This video is a great first step in that direction and well worth watching.

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President Obama’s Weekly Address: 8/01/09

This Economic Storm Will Pass

The President discusses the state of the economy amidst positive signs from the GDP. Making clear that this is little comfort to those struggling, he notes that we appear to have averted an even worse disaster and offers hope for the time ahead.

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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Magilla Gorilla

It’s Saturday morning, my favorite time of the week is about to start.

Football season is just around the corner. NFL and College training camps are opening up all around the country, what better why to enjoy my “Post Toasties” than watching Magillia Gorilla play some football.

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