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Mario Cuomo: Obama Can Be ‘The Greatest President Ever’

Yesterday on the Ron Reagan Show, broadcasted on Air America Radio, former NY Governor Mario Cuomo was a studio guest. Their hour long, face to face chat covered a wide array of topics from the outrage at town hall-style meetings over health care to Barack Obama’s presidency in general.

It was a fascinating interview that kept me captivated on drive into work, I was extremely disappointed when I had to leave my car and entire my building.
Even today Mario Cuomo is an eloquent a persuasive voice that needs to be listened more to by today’s democrats.

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13th District Assembly Candidates Brown and Grenafege: Culturally Imbedded Political Corruption Costs NJ Taxpayers

Democratic State Assembly Candidates for the 13th Legislative District, Bob Brown and Jim Grenafege, have issued the following press release that calls for tougher penalities for elected or appointed public officials that have been charged or convicted of a crime due to unethical behavior or illegal acts:

Middletown (Monmouth County, NJ) – Today Bob Brown and Jim Grenafege, candidates for New Jersey State Assembly in the 13th Legislative District, called for tougher penalties for elected and appointed officials, as well as public employees, convicted of corruption charges. They also called for a major initiative to eradicate and transform the culture that silently supports and justifies the unethical behavior that promotes illegal acts.

“As a former police officer and a taxpayer, I am outraged, like the rest of the residents, by the public officials who think that they can ignore the law and do as they wish”, Brown said. “Betraying the public trust erodes confidence in our democratic system and greatly increases the cost of government”, Brown added.

“The annual parade of elected and appointed public officials in handcuffs is clear evidence that the current laws are not enough”, Grenafege said. “Bob Brown and I will diligently pursue legislation that provides severe penalties for anyone convicted of the corruption that contaminates government and directly adds to the back breaking financial burden experienced by state residents”, Grenafege continued. “In the recent past the legislature essentially grandfathered the unethical behavior that breeds corruption. Ask yourself: is it ethical to grandfather unethical behavior”, Grenafege concluded.

Mr. Brown and Mr. Grenafege believe reoccurring unchecked corruption feeds public apathy, which adds to low voter turnout, which weakens the democratic process allowing corrupt people survive and thrive. They think that broad and deep cultural reform coupled with a ruthless pursuit of corruption at the state, county and municipal levels is required to correct this problem in both the short and long term.

Matthew Morehead,Campaign Manager
Brown and Grenafege for Assembly 2009
P.O. Box 526
Middletown, NJ 07748
Phone: (732) 693-1904

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Good News For Corzine- Latest Poll Results Show That Race Is Begining To Tighten

There’s some good news this moring for the Corzine campaign, the latest Quinnipiac poll released last night shows that the race between Governor Corzine and his Republican challanger Chris Christie has begun to tighten.

Christie leads Corzine by a 51% to 42% margin. That’s a 9-point lead for Christie, but a three point “improvement” for the governor over the July Quinnipiac polling results. When Independent Chris Daggett is added to the mix, Christie’s lead shrinks to 6% (46%-40%).

The Governor still has some problems to overcome but he seem to be headed in the right direction.

Tom Hester from New Jersey Newsroom has some good commentary and synopsis of the poll:

“Democratic incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine has gained serious ground on Republican challenger Christopher Christie and now trails the former federal prosecutor 46-40 percent in the three-way race for governor, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday.

In a poll releases July 14, two days before President Obama appeared before 17,500 people to endorse Corzine at the PNC Arts Center, Christie led the governor 54-20 percent in a three-way race with Daggett garnering 13 percent of likely voters.

The latest poll shows Corzine picked up 20 percent more likely voters in the past four weeks while Christie lost 8 percent and Daggett dropped from 13 percent to 6 percent.

The poll shows likely voters who abandoned Christie and Daggett have switched to Corzine. Potential voters who remain with Daggett, a former Republican, are people who would likely have gone for Christie if the independent was not in the race…..”

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