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NJ Biz: State: Private sector added 13,000 jobs in July

Good news on the economic front for Governor Corzine:

“The state Department of Labor and Workforce Development said Wednesday that private sector companies in New Jersey added 13,000 jobs in July, breaking 17 months of consecutive job cuts that stretch back to January 2008.

While the private sector added employees, 7,100 public sector jobs were cut in July as the state’s unemployment rate rose to 9.3 percent, up from 9.2 percent in June.

According to preliminary estimates by the state agency, industry supersectors reporting job growth in July included leisure and hospitality, manufacturing, construction, and professional and business services. The trade, transportation and utilities supersector reported job cuts for the month as did financial activities, education and health services.

A detailed breakdown of the job gains and losses in the state for July can be found at the agency’s Web site.”


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Barbara Thorpe: The Lying Liars of Middletown

As many reader’s of this blog know, Barbara Thorpe is a Lincroft resident and a friend of this blog. She is a registered Republican and over the years has worked tirelessly to better the quality of life for those who live in the Lincroft area.

Over the past few years she has become disillusioned with the local republicans in office and has started to speak her mind, for doing so she has been ridiculed and threatened with retribution by the powers that be.
Mrs. Thorpe sent me the following email that she wished me to publish on the MiddletownMike blog, to further highlight that the local republicans have no ideas of their own and wish to capitalize on the efforts of others in order to “enhance their resumes” :
Hi Mike,

To add to your points against Scharfenberger and Brightbill ,I’d like to give you some of my own where these two do nothing individuals use other people efforts to enhance “their resumes” .

In 1992,when Joe Leo was township administrator.I began my crusade to get the speed limit reduced on Swimming River Road. It took over 10 years to accomplish that feat. I was helped by the LVGA Board of Directors members,especially Mary Ellen Hintz and Walter Horan who dedicated themselves to getting this done. In about 2003,Rosemarie Peters,then mayor,agreed to a resolution to the County to get the reduction. The township police chief at the time was no help….he threatened it could be increased. Good riddance to that one !1 It was finally temporarily reduced in January 2004 while I was in Minnesota when my daughter-in-law was tragically killed in an accident with a speeding truck on an icy county road there… Bill & I suffered the kind of loss we always fought against here.Our grandchildren,who were in the vehicle with their mother, were miraculously spared,thank god.

Then in later years Bil & I,with the help of the LVGA,Tinton Falls Council President Jerome Donlan,and then Middletown Mayor Tom Hall ( he helped with many endeavors ) and many citizens from the area who signed petitions, and the Monmouth County Freeholder Board, stopped the expansion of the Marpal Recycling facility on Wayside Road.

Also the LVGA, Tom Hall and Bill & I put in tireless effort to stop the Home Depot in Tinton Falls on Wayside Road. One day I knocked on doors in Tinton Falls to alert the residents there to what their own officials were not telling them. We (Bill & I and Mary Ellen Hintz and Walter Horan ) were in Tinton Falls with Tom Hall the night referred to by the recent assault on my character by one of the Middletown Republican “lap dogs”. Tinton Falls would not even let Tom Hall speak except as a concerned citizen. I wrote letters to the press about Tinton Fall’s Planning Director Joel Davis’s demeaning behavior towards Tom Hall. That night I succeeded in presenting a Monmouth County Board of Health noise study I had requested that Mr Davis repeatedly tried to avoid accepting in the hearings for the proposed Home Depot Plan for Wayside Road. which were attended by the afore mentioned individuals from Lincroft. The then mayor of Middletown ( Gerard Scharfenberger),WAS ABSENT as always when needed. He and his cohort, Pam Brightbill, never did anymore than cast a vote. No time ,no effort expended..

The same holds true for the current garbage contract in Middletown.perhaps these two voted in favor,nothing more that I am aware of. The only official that put time and effort into this endeavor was Tom Hall. I can’t say enough positive about my encounters with this man as he never let the citizens of Lincroft down in the problems those of us in this corridor experienced. I’m not sure the whole truth exists publicly regarding the proposed “sports complex”. Some of that was half truths and hysteria….it never came to pass and it cost one Lincroft resident his life. I might add that Pat Short also helped the people of Lincroft in that instance and he was only a candidate at the time.I never saw Scharfenberger or Brightbill put in an appearance.Seems they are all talk and no action most of the time. In regard to both of them,my observation is they sure know how to ride someone else’s coattails !! I resent both of them for trying to take credit for the hard work the LVGA and Bill & I and former mayors Hall and Peters put into these accomplishments. Today my advice to Scharfenberger and Brightbill would be “put your money where your mouths are”. I’m sick to death of the deception,the lies and the acts of intimidation and threats and other psychological and emotional tactics they use to try and control the citizens of this township.Give it up because they don’t fool this resident and they don’t fool a lot of other residents either.

The other people who live on Swimming River Road with this resident were penalized during the installation of the gas and water pipes because those two do not like my current political choices!! An illegally conducted survey and it’s consequences violated every citizen’s right to equal protection under the law. I long for the day when both of these committee persons no longer serve. I don’t believe they serve the people’s interests….they serve themselves and the Republican party faithful. In my opinion neither are suited for public service..

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