Poll: Christie leads Corzine by three points

Wally Edge from PolitickerNJ is reporting that Chris Christie’s lead over Governor Corzine in a new opinion poll is down to 3 percentage points
This is extremely good news for the Corzine campaign and shows that voters are beginning to wake up and pay attention to this race for the governor’s mansion.
Could the news from last couple of weeks about Christie talking to Bush White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove about a possible run for the governorship and his shady loan to Assistant U.S. Attorney Michele A. Brown be taking hold?
It seems that the “Knight In Shining Armour” and the white horse he rode in on is tarnished and dirty.
Republican Christopher Christie leads Gov. Jon Corzine 39%-36% among definite voters, according to a poll conducted by Neighborhood Research, a survey firm run by conservative strategist Rick Shaftan. Independent Christopher Daggett is at 6%.

Corzine leads 52%-13%-9% among liberals, and 40%-34%-4% among moderates. Christie has a 63%-13%-7% lead among conservatives. Undecided voters “skew heavily to the left,” according to the poll analysis. Among seniors, Corzine leads 46%-32%-4%.
Corzine has an upside-down 23%-46% favorable rating; Christie is also upside-down at 20%-27%. Daggett remains largely unknown, with favorables of 2%-1%.
President Barack Obama has a 47%-28% favorable rating among likely New Jersey voters. In a generic ballot test for the State Assembly, Republicans lead 40%-35%.
Among likely voters, Corzine leads Christie 37%-35%, with 6% for Daggett.
“If Corzine gets his liberal/urban/Democratic base together he’s going to open up a significant lead, forcing Christie to work the right,” Shaftan wrote in his analysis.
The poll was conducted between August 12-21 with a sample size of 319 and a margin of error of +/- 5.49%. The party breakout among respondents was 43% Democrat, 34% Republican, 23% unaffiliated.


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4 responses to “Poll: Christie leads Corzine by three points

  1. Anonymous


    You have a telling take when you say the narrowing poll # "shows that voters are beginning to wake up." Seems like you are implying that any rational person paying attention to state politics would be for Corzine unless they are "asleep"??
    There are 2 sides to every issue … and if you aren't on the democrat side of the aisle (and therefore supporting Christie) … that doesn't mean that you need to wake up. It is OK for people to support different candidates because they see things differently … and that doesn't make one voter right and another wrong.
    To me, this is the most frustrating thing I see in politics (on both sides) … that if someone doesn't see thing the same way you do or agree with your position, they are "wrong" or "out of touch" or "unamerican" or "right/left wing nuts" and so forth and so forth. Polarization is growing, my friend … and I don't think it is a good thing.

  2. Middletown Mike


    Thanks for your comment.

    What I was implying was that voters were beginning to pay attention to the race for governor now that it is getting close to Labor Day.

    Fence sitting democrats are starting to come back to Corzine and undecideds may be leaning Democratic after the less than flattering news the past two weeks about Christie and his possible criminal violation of the Hatch Act and his failure to report the loan he gave to his assistant prosecutor Michele Brown.

    As to your other 2 points, I am in agreement with you. People have the right to express their ideas and opinions as they fell fit, we should be at each others throats.

    All of this dissension started with Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay and has just gotten worse as time has gone by.

  3. Anonymous

    … although Newt's Congress during the Clinton era was prosperous. It is because when push came to shove … these 2 VERY SMART men (2 of perhaps the brightest politicians in my time) knew how to get it done … and were able to not let politics completely control their actions. Newt should still be involved in government somewhere.

    … I would put Tom Delay in the same category as Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi — meaning they are all about party politics and are out of touch with "mainsteam" America. This group needs to get a clue BIG TIME.

    … thanks for the dialogue, Mike.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh, by the way, your comment about Christie's "failure to report the loan he gave to his assistant prosecutor Michele Brown." While this can not be dismissed, is the Corzine campaign really using this?? OK, let's look into the almost $6 million Corzine gave to THE HEAD OF THE LARGEST EMPLOYEE UNION IN NJ … most during campaign years. Again, not saying Christie's actions were on the up and up but – COME ON HERE CORZINE CAMPAIGN. If you want use this dialogue, then release the Corzine / Katz emails. Pot calling the Kettle black.

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