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Video and Pictures Of "Health Care" From Outsdie Holt Town Hall in Middletown

I put together my last few pieces of video from the Rush Holt Town Hall Meeting on Health Care that was held in Middletown Wednesday night and included some pictures that were taken outside while the meeting was progressing inside.

This first video is mine, the last minute of which may be interesting to some because it shows how tense people were while waiting for Congressman Holt to arrive. A shouting match errupted and had to be broken up by Middletown police.

This second video was shot by a friend who did not make it into the procceedings, so hung around outside to see what Fair Haven mayor, Mike Halfacre had to say.

And here are a few pictures that I call “Faces of health care”, from outside and around the Middletown Arts Cultrural Center before the events took place.

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Video: Jon Corzine: Creating Green Jobs for New Jersey

Last week, Governor Corzine announced that New Jersey created 13,000 private sector jobs in July — more proof that his economic recovery package is working.

But that’s only part of the story. Governor Corzine isn’t just working to create jobs, he’s working to create the green jobs that are going to drive our economy for years to come.

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Video: Rush Holt Town Hall Meeting in Middletown Parts 5 & 6

As promised, here are the last 20 minutes of video that I was able to record at the Rush Holt Town Hall meeting to discuss health care reform at the Middletown Cultural Arts Center.

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