Saturday Morning Cartoons: School House Rock – I’m Just A Bill

It’s Saturday Morning, time for a cartoon.

This week Congressmen Frank Pallone and Rush Holt held town hall meetings in Monmouth County to discuss health care reform with there constituents. Like many such meeting held throughout the country, the town halls here were rowdy affairs.

Many of the attendees really didn’t have a clue about how a bill is written, introduced, voted on, then presented to the president to sign into law. They only chose to show their ignorance by shouting down others who did not agree with their point of view.

Working their way through congress right now are 5 separate bills (2 in the Senate, 3 in the House) that deal with health care reform. All 5 need to be voted on the reconciled and merged into 1 comprehensive bill to be signed by President Obama.

Much of the behavior going on at many of these town hall meetings, are counter-productive and add nothing to the debate other than angry, uninformed rhetoric that should be curtailed in exchange for real honest and open answers.

Now that my bowl of “Life” cereal is sufficiently soggy, it’s time to sit back and watch.

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