As School Year Begins, A Record Number Of New Jersey Children Enrolled In Pre-School

My wife and I’s all time favorite television commericial is the Staples back to school ad. It’s the one where the kids look miserable but the dad is floating around the store, in apparent bliss as crooner Andy Williams sings in the background ” It’s the most wonderful time of the year”.

We love it so much because for a parent, who has had to deal with kids all summer saying that they are bored and have nothing to, back to school time for us really is the most wonderful time of the year.
Back to school time will also be a wonderful time for the tens of thousands of parents who have kids enrolled in pre-school programs through out the state. Thanks to the Corzine administration, a record number of children, 51,100, our now enrolled in the state’s pre-school program.
How important is pre-school to a childs later success in school? A recent study on the effects of pre-school found that children who attended the Abbott pre-school education program outperformed their peers in first and second grades, and children who had two years of pre-school rather than just one had double the advantages.
So, it really is a happy and wonderful time of year for the parents of these kids. Getting them off to an early start on education is a sure way to make sure that they succeed later as they progress through higher levels of schooling.
You can read more about this >>> here from Tom Hester at the newjerseynewsroom.

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