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If A Democrat Can Come Up With A Property Tax Plan, Why Can’t A Republican?

That’s the question that Paul Mulshine asked in today’s Star-Ledger when he talked about 13th District State Assembly Candidate, Bob Brown.

Mulshine’s column today,Sen. Richard Codey and property taxes: Crossing the West Orange line, dealt with property taxes in West Orange and why Senate President/former Governor Richard Cody, decided recently to flee West Orange for Roseland.

What does the West Orange line mean? Mulshine uses the term to define when one’s monthly property tax bill is close to or exceeds one’s monthly mortgage payment, For most in West Organge that time may be coming soon.
When Mulshine asked Cody why as Senate President and a former Governor he couldn’t deliver on property tax relief he didn’t have an answer. All Cody could come up with was “Hopefully, you bring back as much money as you can.”
Mulshine went on to note that when he asked Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Christie, that same question he pretty much had the same answer. “A governor can’t do it by himself,” Christie said. “You have to work with municipalities and you have to get citizens to actively say, ‘We’re going to demand more out of our school districts and towns in terms of reduction of property taxes.’ So, we’re just telling the truth.” And the truth, he said, is that “there’s no silver bullet.”
Mulshine used that cliche to then talk about Bob Brown and his plan for property tax relief which would cap local costs and:
I would take the state income tax that is dedicated to only school property tax relief and take that money and distribute it equally per child all over the state of New Jersey, which would reduce your school property taxes by 50 percent,” says Brown..

“Brown is a Democrat, by the way. So if a Democrat can come up with a property tax plan, why can’t a Republican?” Mulshine concluded.
In his column posted on NJ.com, Mulshine included Bob Brown’s recent campaign video for readers to watch. I posted this same video last week, but here it is again:

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Pres. Obama’s Health Reform Speech

In case anyone missed it and would like to watch, here is the video provided by C-Span, of Presidents Obama’s speech on health care reform that he presented to a joint session of Congress last night.

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Thanks Governor Corzine!: inVentiv Health expands, moves into new headquarters in Somerset County

Tom Hester, NewJerseyNewsroom.com

More than 500 inVentiv Health employees Wednesday joined business clients and state and local officials in Franklin at the company’s new four-story, 154,000-square-foot headquarters to celebrate the firm’s decision to remain and attempt to expand in New Jersey.

inVentiv Health, a leading provider of commercialization services to global pharmaceutical and health care industries, recently relocated to new headquarters at 500 Atrium Drive. The location is enabling the company to consolidate several offices in the region.

“inVentiv Health’s choice to expand its operations in the Garden State is good news for New Jersey,” Gov. Jon Corzine said. “The company’s investment here is evidence that even during a global economic recession, this state remains a desirable location for business growth and expansion.”

“Creating and retaining jobs in New Jersey is the major focus of Governor Corzine’s comprehensive Economic Growth Strategy,” said Jerry Zaro, chief of the Governor’s Office of Economic Growth, who attended the event along with Caren S. Franzini, chief executive officer of the state Economic Development Authority. “We applaud inVentiv Health’s choice to expand its operations in New Jersey, particularly during this tough economic period as we emerge from a national recession, and we are pleased that some of our state’s incentive programs were instrumental in the company’s decision to remain in our state.”

In support of inVentiv Health’s decision to try to grow in New Jersey, the company recently finalized a grant under the state’s Business Employment Incentive Program associated with its plans to create 150 new full-time jobs at the location. The company has also been approved for incentives under the state’s Business Relocation and Retention Assistance Grant Program for maintaining over 400 jobs in the state.

“inVentiv has been based in New Jersey for the past decade, and we are very pleased to be maintaining our headquarters in the state,” said Terry Herring, president of inVentiv Health. “The new building will not only support our continued growth, it also will bring more of our capabilities together under one roof, making it easier for us to share resources and deliver integrated solutions for our clients.”

The company currently employs nearly 550 people in New Jersey, including almost 100 temporary workers. It plans to move approximately 50 jobs from Pennsylvania to New Jersey before the end of the year. The new headquarters has enabled inVentiv Health to consolidate operations previously centered in Franklin, Somerville and Newtown, Pa.

The company had considered expanding its Newtown facilities before deciding to secure its future in New Jersey.

inVentiv Health supports over 350 client organizations globally, including all top 20 global pharmaceutical companies as well as emerging and specialty biotech leaders.

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Asbury Park Press Editorial: Christie, DMV no strangers

If nothing else, the election of Chris Christie as governor would be a boon to public safety. He would be assigned a driver, keeping him away from behind the wheel of a car.

Christie, it was confirmed this week, has been involved in six automobile accidents, stretching back to 1985 and including one in July 2002 in which he turned the wrong way on a one-way street and struck a motorcyclist, sending him to the hospital.

Christie was never issued a traffic ticket, mentioning to the police on the scene that he was the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey. He has received tickets on several other occasions, however. Since 1985, he has had 13 moving violations, including at least five for speeding, good for 25 points.

However, in the eyes of the Motor Vehicle Commission he remains a “driver in good standing.”

That’s debatable. What isn’t is that all of these blemishes give the public a growing sense that, while not exactly using his position as U.S. Attorney to gain special favor, he seems to fully understand that rank has its privileges and has no qualms about using it.

Christie has exhibited signs of sloppy and careless behavior not only on the highways but in his finances. He “forgot” to tell the IRS about his loan to a subordinate, Michele Brown, which ultimately led to her resigning from her job to keep the issue from damaging his election chances.

It’s also galling that the Christie campaign doesn’t take any of this seriously, tossing off each new revelation as if it existed in a vacuum, rather than continuing an increasingly worrisome pattern.

Christie campaign spokeswoman Maria Comella called the 2002 accident unfortunate and said the candidate “knows he can always be a better driver.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s learned any lessons. Not after the 1989 accident in Cranford, or the 1993 and 1996 accidents in Bloomfield, or the 2002 accident in Elizabeth or the 2007 accident in Netcong. Or after the fifth speeding ticket.

Asked by the Press to provide more details about the accidents, the Christie campaign said it did not plan to do so since all the information is “out there.” No it isn’t. Details have been provided only about the 2002 accident. And they were first reported by a newspaper.

We can only hope that if Christie becomes governor, this isn’t the kind of openness and transparency we can expect from his administration.

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