Booker Sits Down With Colbert And Talks About "Brick City"

Last night on the Colbert Report, Newark Mayor Cory Booker sat down with Stephen Colbert and talked the City of Newark and the new documentary ” Brick City” which will be presented on the Sundance Channel next Monday at 10 pm.

Colbert asks Booker why he is “docu-bait”, Brick City is the second documentary to feature Booker in the past few years. For those who do not know what “Brick City” refers to, Newark has long been call the “Brick City”.
The mayor of Newark answered by saying that Brick City wasn’t just about him, but about a number of unique, grassroots folks and characters that every day, who fight to make sure that the city reaches it’s full potential.
Mayor Booker also discusses the decreasing crime rate within the city and how the quality of life for residents has steadily increased.
At one point during the interview, Colbert points out that as a “Lefty Liberal” the ACLU has given Booker a grade of “C” and asks Booker to remind him, not to visit Newark on St. Patrick’s day because they have arrested individuals for public urination.
The mayor answers by giving Colbert permission to pee in Newark… as long as he uses a urinal!
Watch it:

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