1 in 3 NJ Conservatives Think Obama May Be The Anti-Christ

Is it possible, could President Barack Hussin Obama be the anti-Christ? According to a recent poll by Public Policy Polling, 1 out of 3 NJ conservatives seem to think so.

To be more exact, 18% of self-identified conservatives say with out a doubt that Obama is the anti-Christ while 17% aren’t quite sure.
To make matters seem a little worse 14% of self-identified Republicans think that Obama has the number 666 concealed somewhere underneath his hair. Additionally another 15% aren’t quite sure about that either.
Now what I want to know is, if President Obama is a closeted Muslim, like many right-winger conservatives such as the “birthers” and “tenthers” seem to think, how can he be the anti-Christ, after all doesn’t one need to be a christian first to qualify as the anti-Christ?


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2 responses to “1 in 3 NJ Conservatives Think Obama May Be The Anti-Christ

  1. Anonymous

    what is a tenther?

  2. Middletown Mike

    A "Tenther" is someone who radically believe in the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution.

    The 10 amendment states that powers not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states are reserved to the states or the people.

    "Tenthers" have been using the 10th amendment to justified their opposition to heath care reform and other "socialist" programs like medicare, medicaid, social security…

    Now that the Birther movement has been for the most part debunked, "birthers" have morphed into "tenthers" and are calling for ouster of President Obama and secession from the Union.

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