Football Friday: Princess Picks The Jets

Princess the Prognosticating Camel of Lacy Township’s Popcorn Park Zoo, for her 2nd NFL pick of the season has chosen the New York Jets to beat the New England Patriots in their season home opener at the Meadowlands Sunday afternoon.
This is the second week in a row that Princess has chosen to predict the outcome of a game that has involved the Jets, last week Princess chose the Houston Texans to beat the Jets in Texas.
Fortunately for Jets fans, her first pick of the season turned out to be wrong. The Jets beat the Texans 24 – 7.
Here’s what Princess had to say about last weeks failed prediction:
“I knew the Jets and that rookie quarterback were going to be good, but they got good a lot sooner then I thought. Or maybe the Texans graham cracker looked more appealing, or maybe I was just alittle rusty … it’s been 6 months since I’ve done this. Give me a break.”
Lets hope for the Jets sake, that this week Princess returns to her astonishingly accurate predictions

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