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Christie to Cancer Survivor: "Your Daughter Is An Exception" Not The Norm

Take a look at this amazing video put out by the Corzine campaign, in it Republican challenger Chris Christie argues with a cancer survivor about mandates that the State requires insurance providers to cover.

Christie believes in a mandate free state and he would eliminate all or most mandates proposed or enacted by the state.

The unseen women says to Christie that her daughter is at the same age now, as she was when she had her first cancer surgery. Christie responds to her by saying that her daughter would be an “exception” if she has indeed developed cancer in her 20’s.

Obviously Christie must not know a lot about cancer and it’s genetic impact on patients and their children, siblings or other family members. Otherwise he would not have talked over this woman or argued about the need for the woman’s daughter to be screened for cancer.

Having multiple members of my family diagnosed with cancer over the past few years, I know full well the importance of early detection in the fight against cancer. Many cancers, like breast and colon-rectal cancer, have been found to be genetic in nature, meaning that there are genes that are passed along from parents to children that make the child of a cancer patient more likely to develop the disease than children from non-cancer patients.

Mandating that insurance companies provide genetic testing for cancer patients and survivors saves lives and money in the long run.

Christie should know the facts before he speaks about cancer and its effects on families in the future.


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Video: VP Biden Sets the Record Straight on Medicare

Travel with the Vice President as he reminds seniors that those who have always defended Medicare would never do anything to jeopardize the plan or those who rely on it.

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According to the new poll released earlier today be pollsters Democracy Corps, New Jerseys race for Governor is now a dead heat with Republican Chris Christie at 40 percent, Democratic Governor Jon Corzine at 39 percent and independent Chris Daggett receiving 11 percent of the vote.

And now, more New Jerseyans for the first time , rate Christie unfavorably than rate him favorably, 34 percent unfavorable to 32 percent favorable.

“Corzine continues to benefit from the Democratic partisan advantage the Garden State. Democratic candidates for the state legislature hold a 41 to 37 percent lead on the generic ballot and the Democratic Party remains much more popular (42 percent favorable, 38 percent unfavorable) than the Republican Party (31 percent favorable, 40 percent unfavorable). President Barack Obama also remains very popular in the state with 57 percent rating him favorably and just 28 percent rating him unfavorably.”

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Video: Grenafege For Assembly

State Assembly Candidate for 13th Legislative District, Democrat James Grenafege, released a new campaign video today.

Grenafege, a Middletowntown resident, is running to unseat Republican Amy Handlin from her cushy assembly seat in Trenton.

The video contains a brief biographical profile on Mr. Grenafege and details some of the issues that he feels are important to residents in the 13th district as well as the State.
Job Creation, Leadership, Ethics and the Environment are just a few of the issues that Jim Grenafege cares about.

To find out more about James Grenafege and where he stands on the issues, vist the candidates website www.assembly13.org


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