Gubernatorial Debate: Deep Thoughts On The Outcome

Deep thoughts? Hardly, but a few quick thoughts none-the-less.

I tuned in late to tonight’s New Jersey Gubernatiorial debate between Governor Jon Corzine and his challangers Republican Chris and Independent Chris Dagget, so I missed opening comments and the first few questions.
What struck me first and foremost was the rapid-fire pace of the questions and answers. I wasn’t satisfied with a number of answer to questions by the candidates because a 1 minute responses with a 30 second rebuttal was just not enough time to develop ideas or to get a good feel on certain positions held on issues.
I feel that Jon Corzine did a good job at being Jon Corzine, that is someone who is confident and compassionate in his ideas and convictions. He didn’t shy away from his record, he defended it! Overall I think he did a good job at highlighting his efforts to fund education, child health and dealing with the economic recession.
Chris Christie needed to hit a homerun tonight but only made it to second base. He seemed uptight at first and ready to explode at any moment. It seemed as if he was ready for a real fight but it never came. The lighting in the studio didn’t help him much either because it seemed that his eyes were constantly in shadows, which made him look sinister and menacing during portions of the debate. Christie stuck to his game plan of not giving details or specifics on his various polices. He never said how he would cut taxes or revitalize the economy other that stating that he would cut taxes by reducing state spending. He never said what he would stop spending money on or how it would naturally reduce taxes. And he spent most of the night attacking Independent Chris Dagget’s newly release economic plan.
Chris Dagget just may have won this debate. He was engaging, personable and specific in his policy proposals, something that Christie was not. It also seemed as if Chris Dagget and Jon Corzine were in cahoots together against Chris Christie. More often than not, Dagget agreed with Governor Corzine’s positions rather than Christie’s, which seemed to take Christie by surprise somewhat and made him address Dagget more so than Corzine the incumbent.
While Dagget may not have a real chance to win this election he did give people something to talk about. More than likely after opinion polls start to roll in, we will find that Dagget has taken a couple of points away from Chris Christies lead and that Jon Corzine has solidified the support from undecided Democrats which will add a 1 or 2 percent to his poll numbers.
So even though Christie may not have performed badly tonight, he could be the big loser.

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