In New TV Ad, Christie Explains Exactly What He’ll Do As Governor (Sorta) – Eric Kleefeld
October 5, 2009

Former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, the Republican nominee for Governor of New Jersey, seems to be responding to the mounting criticism that he’s failed to give specifics on how he would fix the state. In a new TV ad he explains exactly what he’ll do — in the form of generalities.

Here’s exactly what I’ll do as governor,” Christie says boldly. “I’ll cut spending and end the special interest giveaways. I’ll cut taxes and restore your property tax rebates. I’ll bring good jobs back to New Jersey not chase them to other states. And I’ll make sure all our children get the education they deserve.”

It would be nice to know how he would do all of this considering that the Corzine Administration is already doing it. And how would he pay for it?

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