Rick Bolger Candidate for NJ State Assembly District 11, Op-Ed:Our State Government Is An Overwhelming Bureaucracy

Our state government is an overwhelming bureaucracy. New Jersey has a “Department” for every imaginable aspect of our lives. We have a DEP, DOT, DOE, etc., etc. What you won’t find in Trenton is a DOCS—Department of Common Sense!

Each of these Departments has grown extensively since their creation and has morphed into powerful entities operated by appointed “officials” with the apparent ability to make life difficult, if not intolerable, for the residents of New Jersey.

The State laws which are interpreted and enforced by these Departments are often antiquated, irrelevant, arbitrary, contradictory or otherwise unfair in their application.

In the absence of a magic wand, these entities are here to stay. However, why can’t the legislature create a common sense procedure which affords immediate relief to those individuals or municipalities which find themselves boxed into a Catch 22 situation by one (or more) of our State Departments. Every municipal engineer and borough administrator could cite numerous examples of such crippling bureaucratic red tape. Currently, the only relief available is the white flag of surrender or litigation. Law suits are time consuming, expensive and more often than not, result in decisions which perpetuate other bad decisions and confuse rather than clarify the law.

Why not a simple procedure where, under the proper circumstances, the three State legislators of any particular district can craft immediate relief for their aggrieved constituents?

Rick Bolger

Candidate for NJ State Assembly in District 11

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