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Breast Cancer Survivors Tell Christie: We Are Not An Exception

If Chris Christie still feels it is OK to have “mandate-free” health insurance policies written in this state, than he needs to take a look at this latest video From the Corzine campaign.

In this video, Breast Cancer survivors speak out to tell Mr. Christie that mammograms and other forms of preventative procedures are not only necessary but essential in early detection and the prevention of not just Breast Cancer but all forms of cancer.

Two people that I would like to point out to anyone who watches this video are Monmouth County Freeholder Amy Mallet, who as a 19 year old was the victim of Breast Cancer and my wife Debbie, who completed her treatments of chemotherapy and radiatoin in June of this year.

Without mammograms and other proceedures being mandated as part of insurance policies here in the New Jersey, who’s to say that Amy Mallet, my wife, or others in their situation would be here today to tell us their stories.


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Middletown’s Patrick Short Has Kept all of His Promises and Does Not Accept Township Benefits

Middletown’s Democratic Committeeman Patrick Short is the only elected official in the State that does not accept a salary, does not take health benefits and does not participate in the NJ State Pension System.

He has kept every promise to the voter that he made while seeking office in 2006 such as not, not voting to raise our municipal tax rate, not taking health benefits, not participating in the state pension system, and establishing pay-to-play and ethics reform ordinances.

While others on the Township Committee and those who seek office can talk-the-talk, Patrick Short has shown that he walks-the-walk and gets result.

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