Video: Brookdale Democratic Club "Meet the Democratic Candidates" A Great Success

This past Thursday, Oct 15th, The Brookdale Democratic Club held a “Meet the Democratic Candidates For Monmouth County” in the Warner Student Life Building on campus.

The meeting was attended by both students,faculty and a few members of the public. In all approximately 50 people came in and out of the gathering, at various times to listen to what the candidates had to say.

Candidates who were present at the event were:

Former Mayor of Neptune Randy Bishop and Brielle Councilman Rick Bolger, both NJ State Assembly Candidates for District 11.

Former Mayor of Manalapan
Michelle Roth, NJ State Assembly Candidate for District 12.

Bob Brown and Jim Grenafege, NJ State Assembly Candidates for District 13.

Middletown Committeeman
Sean F. Byrnes, Candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder.

The overwhelming theme of the day was to be informed, get involved and be self reliant, don’t rely on others to do for you.

It was very good advice for many in the room. Jim Grenafege mentioned how he did not look at the students in the room as our future, rather they should look at themselves as our the present and that the only difference between them and himself was about 40 years.

Everyone involved thought that the days event went well and was a success.
I videoed all but Bolger’s address to those in attendence ( I had techincal difficulty and appoligise for it) and present the 5 videos below:

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