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Football Friday: Princess Picks The Giants (Again)

Last week our prognosticating camel, Princess had a rough go of it. After picking the Giants defeat the Saints down in New Orleans where the Giant’s defense was embarrassed, Princess record for predictions this year has dropped to 3-3, a .500 record.

So it is a bit of a surprise that she would go back to the well so soon and chose the Giants once again this week.
The Giants are at home this week to face the Arizona Cardinal in the Sunday night game on NBC.
Will the Giants defense have a better performance this week against the Cardinal’s Kurt Warner and his high-flying receivers, Larry Fitzgerald and Antoine Boulden?
“… I know the Cardinals have one of the better quarterbacks in Warner, and he’s real hot right now but, I don’t think the Giants coaching staff is going to let that happen two weeks in a row. I wouldn’t want to be one of the Giant defensive players this week during practice, the coaches probably have a lot of EXTRA work for them.
At the end of this NFL Week 7, Princess predictions will be either back on the positive side for the season or slip below the .500 mark for the first time since the openning week. For my sake and those of all Giants fans, I hope that the Giants and her prediction are winners this week.

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Hear What All The Fuss Is About: Ethics Complaint Against Freeholder Candidate Smells As Bad As The Sewage It’s Based On!

Shortly after the Asubury Park Press came out with it’s endorsement of Middldetown Committeeman Sean Byrnes for the position of Monmouth County Freeholder, the dirt and mud that is typical of the Middletown GOP started to fly. Party loyalist Tom Stokes, who owes much of his existence to the Middeltown GOP (he collects a salary, health and pension benefits from the township), came out of the woodwork once again this year to smear his vile mud.

Stokes announced to the world,which you can read about here, that he had filed an ethics complaint against Sean Byrnes over comments he made during Byrnes’s first ever Township Committee meeting 22 months ago. The meeting was the annual Township Re-Organizational Meeting held on 1/06/08. Stokes’s complaint is flimsily based on comments that Byrnes made in opposition to re-appointing all current members to the Middletown Sewage Authority, which Stokes happens to be a member of.

According to the Township’s official minutes of the meeting (p 18), Byrnes comment towards Stokes is non-existent. The minutes simply state that Byrnes said “… it is prudent for those for that are in politics not to receive money from the township.”
Stokes is an active member of the Middletown GOP and sits on various boards and commissions in town.
If you think that the meeting minutes are somehow lacking in detail and that Sean Byrnes must have said something more outlandish then this in order for Mr. Stokes to file an ethics complaint then HERE is an audio file of the whole proceeding of the day. You will hear for yourselves at about 58 minutes into the recording, what was exactly said that day, as it does or doesn’t pertain to Tom Stokes.
From all that I have learned about Tom Stokes, it seems that he is not such a nice guy. It seems to me that he likes to file frivolous charges against those he or the Middletown GOP dislike.
In this case, Stokes filed an ethics complaint against Sean Byrnes because didn’t recuse himself from voting on his re-appointment because as he states, Byrnes has been, “in an adversarial relationship with myself, through litigation, since at least 2001. Yet, even though he had this business and personal, adversarial relationship, he failed to recuse himself when my appointment to the Township of Middletown Sewer Authority was discussed.”

From what I understand this litigation is a result from a sexual harassment complaint brought against Stokes when he was a member of the Middletown Board of Education, where he actually called the person who filed the charge against him a “stupid little bitch” although he later said it was “stupid little tramp” at a public meeting.
People in Middletown are tired of these types of dirty attacks and campaigning that the Middeltown GOP engages in just to hold onto power. Now they have tried to use these same tactics on the county level in order to try and gain a last minute advantage for John Curley against Sean Byrnes.
People in Middletown want results, not talk from their elected officials and for to long now all they have gotten out of the Middletown GOP is cheap talk and dirty politics and it all smells as bad as the sewage that that needs to be treated before being disposed of.
Informed voters will decide for themselves whether or not this latest sleazy maneuver by the Middeltown republicans warrant further consideration.
Vote Bynres for Freeholder !!

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In Middletown Look Towards Patrick Short For Integrity, Ingenuity, Responsibility and Commitment

This is a tough year in Monmouth County for any democrat to get elected. In Middletown, Patrick Short is seeking his second term on the Township Committee and he is taking nothing for granted and for the 9 weeks or more he has been out knocking on doors or standing on street corners conveying his message to voter in Middletown.

So when a residents make an effort to contact the local Middletown Dems through their website, in order to express support and a few words of encouragement it is a big deal and that is exactly what has been happening with more regularity over the past number of weeks.

One such contact came yesterday and I was asked to share it with everyone through the blog. What this message shows is that residents throughout Middletown are tired of the same old tired, no idea and laziness that they have been seeing from the local Republican party that has controlled this town for over 20 years! :

I am a lifelong Republican and a 12 year resident of Middletown (Lincroft). I am compelled to offer Pat Short my support this year in light of his record and the need for reform in Middletown.

I am looking to Pat for the integrity, ingenuity, responsibility and commitment to public service that seems to be lacking in our local candidates.

Call on me if I can assist in your campaign to take back Middletown.

Good Luck, Pat! Beat Navy!

J. Czizik

Anyone who wishes to contact the Middletown Democrats and express their support for Patrick or how they feel about anything that effects our town can do so just as J. Czizik has been able, by going to their website and leaving a comment.

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Bob Brown,Democratic Assembly Candidate for Distrct 13, Recently Appeared ON NJ12 News and Politics And Is Making Some Noise

Bob Brown the Democratic candidated for State Assembly in the 13th district is making a lot of noise and is being heard.Last weekend he appeared on New Jersey NJ12 News Power and Politics program where he discussed his campaign and gave some personal background.

Yesterday morning, if you were tuned into NJ 101.5, he was interviewed by radio host Jim Gearhart. Bob impressed him so much that Gearhart gave him his personnel endorsment and invited back onto the show!

From what I hear Democrats in Trenton have taken notice of the publicity Bob is getting from the media and are ready to drop some last minute cash into the race for the 13th Distrct. They now believe that Republicans incumbents Handlin and Thompson, are extremely beatible and that the 13th district can once again, after a long hiatus, find itself in democratic hands.

Here’s a video of Bob Brown’s appearence on NJ12’s Power & Politics:

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Randy Bishop, Candidate For NJ State Assembly District 11- Answers 10 Questions

Randy Bishop is the former Mayor of Neptune Township and is currently seeking 1 of 2 seats in the NJ State Assembly out of the 11th District.

Randy is the 4th State Assembly Candidate to return my questionnaire and by doing so he has joined his runningmate Rick Bolger, Jim Grenafege from Disitrict 13 and Independent Candidated Sean Dunne aslo from the 13th district as responders.
As I read through Randy’s responses I have a sense that the most important thing to him is public service.
As a small business owner and head of the Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce, it is import to him that businesses not be strangle to the point they cannot exist.
1. What is your motivation for seeking a seat in the NJ State Assembly and can you tell us a little about yourself ?

I have been in public service from my participation in boards, my time as head of the Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce and my time as committeeman and Mayor in Neptune Township. I believe that public service is the highest calling and that working to make a difference is what keeps us going and looking for solutions.

2. As you meet residents throughout your district what seems to be the greatest concerns they are expressing and how do you plan to address them?

Residents of this District are frustrated by high property taxes, the question of can they remain in a place they love or are they being priced out. I believe that we need to restructure government and am a believer in a State Constitutional Convention. There are those, mostly people who have power and do not want to give it up, but the system is broken. Layering patches on a broken system will not fix the underlying problems and that is what the legislature is tasked to do.

3. What do you hope to accomplish once you are elected to the State Assembly?

Bring back to this District the information, the help and the voice that it has been lacking in Trenton. Oddly, we hear so much that things cannot get done by the current Assembly persons because they are in the minority. Actually having served in the minority, I have still been able to raise issues, propose solutions and work toward making things better.

4. What is it that makes your district unique and how does that uniqueness impact your campaign?

This district is very diverse having some of the most urban areas in all of Monmouth County and as such has a unique set of challenges. While you look for solutions you must make sure that the one thing you think will solve one issue will create another somewhere else. But across all of this district it is common that we need job creation, less burden on businesses and equal educational opportunities for all of our residents.

5. If elected, how would your professional background enhance your ability to be an effective State Assembly representative?

As a small business owner and as a municipal elected official, I see what the edicts of Trenton do to the people of this district. I believe that I know challenges facing especially small businesses by owning one and by being the head of a Chamber of Commerce. We cannot continue to strangle the business community to the point they cannot exist or suffocate the residents under this tax burden.

6. Do you have any thoughts on how to contain the growth of state government?

We really must look at integration of functions. Each department replicates work in other departments. Also, I believe we must get back to what are we required to do, what do we need to do and make sure we are not funding the things we like to do. I also believe that it is time to end unfunded state mandates to municipalities.

7. Is there any aspect of state government that you believe there is a need to be expanded upon?

There are currently no needs for expansion that I can see..

8. Why should residents of your district trust you to represent them in the legislature?

I have a record of service, of creativity in problem solving that I feel the residents can trust. Its not just that I say what I will do, I do it.

9. Why do you identify yourself as a Democrat as opposed to a Republican or Independent?

I have always believed in the ideals and values of the Democratic Party. That doesn’t always mean I agree with the leaders and have stood up against them at times. I will always fight for those who need a voice. Government for most of us should just get out of the way. But sometimes, government is the only way to bring about an equitable solution.

10. Is there anything that is important to you that hasn’t been asked, that you would like to address?

Just that experience matters. Not experience in Trenton today, but experience in the trenches bot in business and in politics. I have worked in Washington DC on Capitol Hill, I have worked in start-up companies and in corporate America and now in owning my own business. I believe this gives me a unique view on problem solving and on working toward solutions.

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