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13th District Assembly Race Up For Grabs; Poll Shows Brown Up On Thompson, Within Striking Distance of Handlin

It seems as though an upset is in the making in the 13th legislative district, according to a recent poll.

According to this poll, Democratic challenger Robert “Bob” Brown, has opened a commanding lead over Republican incumbent Sam Thompson and it has the Thompson/Handlin campaign scrambling for last minute cash to flood mailboxes throughout the district with campaign literature. Thompson/Handlin campaign signs have also been flooding the area within the past 24 hours since the results of the poll has been know to the campaign.

Both men, Brown and Thompson reside in Middlessex’s Old Bridge Township, and it is in Old Bridge where Thompson has lost a significant portion of his base to Bob Brown.

Brown in the mean time, has also been polling very strong throughout the rest of the district, thanks inpart to two major endorsments by the Newark Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine and NJ 101.5 Morning Show host Jim Gearhart:

Paul Mulshine said…. “Bob Brown is the sole democrat worth a damn in this state…..” (October 19, 2009)

Jim Gearhart added “I endorse Bob Brown completely” (Oct. 22,2009)
Thanks to these endorsements Brown is also within striking distance of the other incumbant in the race, Amy Handlin. And what makes this poll even more eye opening is that Brown’s coattails seem to be extending towards his running mate Jim Grenafege, who is also within striking distance of Thompson.
You can learn more about both Bob Brown and Jim Grenafege by watching their campaign video’s (below) or by logging onto their website assembly13.org

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Corzine Up By 9% in New Poll Over Christie

By Chris Megerian/Statehouse Bureau
October 26, 2009

New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine has a nine-point lead vs. Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie, according to a Suffolk University poll released today.

With eight days left until the election and most polls showing the New Jersey governor’s race as too close to call, the Suffolk University poll showed Corzine leading 42 percent to 33 percent and places independent candidate Chris Daggett far behind at 7 percent. That is the incumbent’s biggest lead all year, after Corzine spent months trailing Christie, at times by double digits.

Most recent polls have showed the governor’s race at a dead heat, with Daggett’s support as high as 20 percent.

The Suffolk poll — the first by that institution on the 2009 New Jersey governor’s race — is unusual compared with other independent surveys because it included all 12 candidates on the ballot. Most other polls have included just Corzine, Christie and Daggett, who was the only independent candidate to qualify for public matching funds and participate in the debates.

Daggett’s support dropped when his name was mixed with the other independents, as it will appear on ballots in some counties.

“Independent Chris Daggett struggles to be found on the ballot, which benefits Jon Corzine, whose campaign is peaking at the right time for him,” said David Paleologos, director of the Political Research Center at Suffolk University in Boston. “The poll tells us that voters believe Corzine is the best choice of the twelve candidates and the most comfortable choice of the major three. The bottom line is that, if this trend holds, it will be an amazing comeback for Jon Corzine.”

The poll, conducted among 400 likely voters from Oct. 22 through Oct. 25, has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points. Among the 10 percent of voters favoring one of the 10 independent candidates, 29 percent chose Christie as their second choice, while 24 percent picked Corzine, 19 percent chose another independent and 29 percent could not name a second choice.

Other positive signs for Corzine in the Suffolk poll include comfort level, undecided voters and perception. More voters said they would be extremely or very comfortable with Corzine than Christie or Daggett, and more undecided voters chose Corzine than the other two when forced to pick. And when voters were asked to name the winner — regardless of who they planned to vote for — most said Corzine would be elected, 58 percent to Christie’s 24 percent and Daggett’s 2 percent, according to Suffolk.

A Rutgers-Eagleton poll released last week showed Corzine at 39 percent, Christie at 36 percent and Daggett at 20 percent, and a Monmouth University poll showed the major-party candidates tied at 39 percent and Daggett at 14 percent. An Oct. 14 Quinnipiac University poll gave Christie 41 percent, Corzine 40 percent and Daggett 14 percent.

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Letter: Don’t Fall For Same Old Dirty Tricks From Middeltown GOP

The voters in Monmouth County and in Middletown must make a very important decision to make on Nov.3,2009. Do they want representation or do they want domination. Do they want a part puppet or a proven representative of the people. Do they want someone who can think for themselves or do they want someonw who marches to a party chairman’s drumbeat. Do they want someone who wins because they were party to character assassination as a tool to achieve that win .

The residents of Middletown were exposed to the gutter politics of the Middletown Republican Party last year and another dose of it has begun again….more of the low life attacks on opposing candidates this year. Don’t fall for it again !!! Patrick Short and Sean Byrnes are honorable and decent men of integrity.They desreve election to the offices they seek. They are proven winners !

Before any voter succumbs to the vicious,unreliable ploys to undermine either of these candidates,consider the source of these vicious attacks. The tactics originate from a party devoid of clear positions on the issues that are important to every citizen of this municipality and this county. The Middletown Republicans are bankrupt of ideas and will resort anything to win,regardless of how low they have to stoop to achieve that win.We,the voters have seen plenty of this in the recent past!!

Think before you,the voters, of this town and this county pull that lever or touch that screen to VOTE. Do you want to be represented or do you want to be dominated?? The choice is clear…Patrick Short for Middletown Committeeman and Sean Byrnes for Monmouth County Freeholder.

Barbara R. Thorpe

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Letter: Brady and Tinker Kick-Off "Silly Season" In Hazlet

I know October is the silly season of local politics, but Republicans Jim Brady and Dave Tinker are playing fast and loose with the facts in their campaign for Hazlet Township Committee. They recently dropped a flier on my doorstep which — in addition to attacking Democratic Mayor Kevin Lavan and Deputy Mayor Joe Belasco — sets forth their so-called “mission” for Hazlet.

A laundry list of banal generalizations, in it they promise to “lower taxes, less government spending, stop overdevelopment, preserve open space, promote green technologies,” and “promote government reform.” All important issues. So important in fact, that Mayor Lavan and Deputy Mayor Belasco have been working on them since their election three years ago.

After three years of Republican mismanagement that saw double-digit increases in municipal taxes, Lavan and Belasco stabilized them. As a result, homeowners saw the lowest municipal tax growth in a decade.

And while Republicans talk about reducing spending, Lavan and Belasco have actually done it. By aggressively pursuing shared service agreements, they saved over $200,000 through the elimination of the Hazlet Sewerage Authority, outsourced the health department to Monmouth County for a savings of $260,000 annually, and reduced salary and utility costs by shortening the township workweek from five to four days.

Lavan and Belasco also put the brakes on overdevelopment. They took builders to court to protect quality of life and secured record amounts of grant funding to preserve what little is left of Hazlet’s precious open space. They did more than simply list these issues in a flier around election time, they delivered results and improved the life of our community.

Unfortunately, Mr. Tinker and Mr. Brady are recycled candidates touting a recycled way of doing business. When Republicans last controlled the Township Committee, they raised taxes, increased spending, sold open space, recklessly borrowed millions for the new town hall, and most damning, found themselves ensnared in an FBI investigation that led to the arrest of their hand-picked mayor on charges of corruption.

Every time they run for an office, Tinker and Brady say anything to get elected. It comes as no surprise that their recent flier is consistent with that track record. Which is a shame, because a lot remains to be done for the people of Hazlet. Mayor Kevin Lavan and Deputy Mayor Joe Belasco are working to stabilize property taxes, preserve open space, and improve recreation for young people. They deserve three more years to complete what they set out to do.

Vincent Solomeno

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It Must Be The Season: La Toya Sees Michael Jackson’s "Ghost"

From the UK Couriermail.com

THE undisputed random of the Jackson clan (and that’s saying something), La Toya, says the ghost of her late brother Michael has been visiting the family dressed in the white pearl beads he wore in the coffin.

The 53-year-old onetime Playboy covergirl tells Woman’s Day, Michael has appeared “in the curtains” while the lights were out.

“His eyes were open and he appeared peaceful. I turned the lights on and asked, ‘Michael, do you wish to go to the other side?’,” she says.

La Toya, who once called a midnight press conference in Tel Aviv to declare she’d harboured for years the secret that Michael was a child molester, also claims her brother’s ghost has flicked the lights on in his house to let her know he’s there.

La Toya says her manager Jeffre Phillips and sister Janet have also seen the star’s spirit but mother Katherine, a strict Jehovah’s Witness, won’t accept that her son’s ghost walks the earth.

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