Even Loud Mouths Vote !

Late last night I received and email from District 13 Assembly Candidate Bob Brown. He wanted to pass along a funny little story about what had happened to him earlier in day while putting out campaign signs.

The several people that he copied this email to also thought that it was very funny, including Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine, who included Bob Brown’s email as part of his column today.
Here’s what Brown’s email said:
You may like this short story about putting out those political signs along the roadway.

After 4 hours of placing signs along the roads, I had this guy yell out his window, “Take Downs Those Signs!!!”. I told him to “Go F*&K Yourself”.

He stops the car and gets out yelling. “What did you say to me!”, I told you did you have a hard time hearing, I told you to “Go F^#K Yourself!”.

Then he yells “Are those signs for your friend or for you?”. I told him that I was the top name on that sign. He then backs down and says “Finally a politician with some backbone” and then
adds “That anyone that stands up to me, deserves my vote and my family’s vote”

I gave him my card directing him to my website and he was on his way.

The moral to the story, even loudmouths have a vote. The trick is to get them to vote for you.

Robert “Bob” Brown
Democratic Candidate
13th Leg. Dist, NJ State Assembly

P.S. I might be a Candidate and an Attorney but that old police attitude sometime gets out to settle matters and right to the point.

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