Holmdel Democratic Chairman, Tony Orsini, Takes Back Endorsment Of Chris Christie For Governor

A short while ago I received the following email from Holmdel’s Democratic Chairman Tony Orsini. The email is essentionally an open letter to the Christie campaign expressing Orsini’s desired to take back the endorsement of Chris Christie, which he made back in early January.

At the time, Orsini’s endorsement of Christie created a bit of a shock wave around Monmouth County and made for some interesting reading. Orsini was the first Democratic leader to break ranks and throw his support to Governor Corzine’s eventual challenger around these parts, and he caught a lot of grief for it.
Now with the election just a few days away, Chairman Orsini has come back to the fold and will vote for Governor Corzine, eventhough it is somewhat begrudgingly.
Below is the text of the email:

Back in January when Chris Christie declared himself a candidate for governor, I wrote a letter published in the APP endorsing him despite my position as Holmdel Democratic Chair. Probably due in part Joe Kyrillos having a hand in the campaign, Christie showed an inability to address any of the problems facing New Jersey. He also showed intellectual dishonesty in talking about cutting taxes and eliminating the budget deficit both at the same time. Electing Christie would essentially be replacing a “D” with an “R.” The problems would remain.

Mr. Daggett, an independent candidate, was the only candidate addressing the state’s fiscal problems in a realistic manner. Certainly his medicine is a bitter pill, but he is for the most part on the right track. There are no free rides, especially not at this point. But…

Then Christie did something to really tick me off: he endorsed and had his picture taken with Frank Capaci, Republican candidate for Holmdel Township Committee running against incumbent and former mayor Larry Fink. Mr. Capaci, a.k.a. “Frank the Diet Doctor” (“lose 10 pounds in 10 days”) has been a resident of Holmdel less than 2 years. Mr. Fink is somewhat of a local hero being a strong environmentalist and having a hand in preserving over a thousand acres of land and bringing in millions of dollars to that end. Combining that with the fact that Mr. Christie never listed me on his web site as a supporter (while he lists the megalomaniacal Mayor Serena DiMaso of Holmdel) indicates to me his utter disdain for any Democrat and working to build consensus. So pray tell how will he work constructively with a Democratic legislature? NAHT! Worse yet, the Capaci campaign, directed by Mayor Serena DiMaso, has taken an ugly anti-semetic turn.

I will hold my nose and vote for Jon Corzine. Hey, he’s a marine! Print that, Gallagher!

Tony Orsini
Holmdel Democratic Chairman

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