Video From The Obama – Corzine Rally In Newark

I have the first two video clips that I have been able to put together so far from todays Corzine campaign rally at the Prudential Center in Newark. I hope to have the Presidents remarks ready in the morning.

The first video features Newark Mayor Cory Booker rocking the house, next to President Obama I can’t think of any other public speaker that can stir-up a crowd like Booker can, so it is a little unfortunate that I missed recording the first 30 -40 seconds of his address. I thought I had started to record but realized the camera was on stand-by:

This piece of video is of Governor Corzine’s speech to the crowd before he introduced President Obama. OverallI thought Corzine did a good job at addressing the crowd and making his case for 4 more years. It is up to the voters now however:

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