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Football Friday: Princess Picks The Chargers over The Giants

After a one week lay-off due to other matter, it’s time to check back in with Princess the Camel to see how she is doing. To recap, until last week Princess was on a 3 week losing streak with her pick but righted her way by picking the Dolphins to beat the Jets.

This week she has decided to revist the Giants for some reason , maybe she feels it’s an easy pick with the way the Giants have been playing of late.
“…Since they’re playing like … (for lack of a better word for a G rated audience) Poop! I have the perfect cure — the coach can send the team down here and clean up after me in my barn and my yard and after a couple days of that they will realize how bad they stink and get back to playing football the right way….” Princess stated before her pick.
With last week’s winning pick, Princess record now stands at .500

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