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Saturday Morning Cartoons: The Pink Panther – The Pink Phink

What else do I have to do this morning other than watch a cartoon? I have to paint.

Give me some Corn Flakes and toss me a brush, it’s time to get down to business

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President Obama’s Weekly Address: 11/14/09 Veterans Day and Fort Hood

The President looks back at a week where we honored those who serve on Veterans Day, and mourned those we lost at Fort Hood. He discusses the review he has ordered into the Fort Hood incident, and pledges to stand by our servicemen and women, as well as our veterans, as his most profound responsibility.

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Football Friday: Princess Picks The Jets over Jags in Week 10

This week’s Princess pick is posted a little later than normal so I hope you still have time to get to your bookies.

It’s week 10 in the NFL and Princess is on a winning streak, she has chosen game winners each of the past two weeks to bring her record to 5-4, does she continue her winning ways this week? We’ll have to wiat til Sunday to find out.
For her week 10 NFL prediction, Princess the Camel has chosen the Jets to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Meadowlands.
So Princess do you really think that the Jets can pull it off this week?
…”they had a bye last week so that gave them two weeks to straighten that mess out. I think coach Ryan will have them ready….”

Well Princess, we’ll just have to see about that!
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